A-Plan Coaching, LLC on SeedInvest

An optimized and scalable version of traditional one-on-one coaching

Raise to date: $3,000

Reporting Date: 03/25/2020

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A-Plan Coaching, with a valuation cap of $10 million, is raising funds on SeedInvest. The company uses proven coaching technology to optimize and scale traditional one-on-one coaching and facilitate frequent engagement. A-Plan Coaching allows teams and organizations to share consistent tools, language and approaches for standardized and holistic coaching. The company was founded by Michael Counts in 2017. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum goal of $25,000 and a maximum goal of $700,000, and the funds will be used for technology and design, sales and marketing, training and QA/QC, and operations. A-Plan Coaching has renowned corporate clients and has already generated $197,000 in revenues as of March 10, 2020, compared to $228,000 in the full year 2019.