About KingsCrowd

We are a team of financiers, venture capitalists, technologists, founders, and industry experts on a mission to democratize private market investing.

One of the most successful asset classes of the past 20 years has been startups and private companies not listed on major exchanges like The Dow Jones and The NASDAQ. Thanks to technological advancements and regulatory improvements these investment opportunities are becoming increasingly available online. We are on a mission to provide you one trusted source to find all the deal flow available.

We provide trusted insights, analytics and ratings to help you navigate the fragmented market of startup investing and vet the best deals worth adding to your investment portfolio.

A One-Stop Solution For Vetted Private Market Deal Flow

With KingsCrowd you will never miss a hot deal. Reduce your hours of searching and vetting deals by using our proprietary technology rating and analytics tools produced by our industry insiders with years on startup and venture capital experience.

Their reports are so accurate and gives a detailed insight of the companies fundraising on crowdfunding portals like Wefunder, SeedInvest etc.

– KingsCrowd Customer

Who we are


About Chris

Chris Lustrino

Founder & CEO


Prior to founding KingsCrowd, Chris served as an Consultant at L.E.K. Consulting, where he focused on private equity due diligence. Before his time at L.E.K., he ran finance ops at Freebird, a travel tech startup. He also founded Simple.Innovative.Change, a Fintech publication focused on alternative investments and lending and was a finalist for the 2018 LendIt Fintech Journalist of the Year. Chris graduated from Boston College with a Business degree in Operations, Info Systems, and Marketing.


About Sean

Sean O'Reilly

Chief Content Officer


Sean is a content strategist for B2B and B2C organizations, with a passion for the financial markets, and enabling individuals to invest confidently. He formerly served as an Editor and Podcast Host at The Motley Fool where he covered the Energy & Industrials, Technology, and Consumer Goods Sectors. Sean graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2008 with a degree in Management and a Concentration in Finance.


About Olivia

Olivia Strobl

Sr Investment Analyst


Olivia comes to KingsCrowd with a background in venture capital and technology. She spent time at Glasswing Ventures, an AI-focused venture fund in Boston, before joining the KingsCrowd team. There she helped develop machine learning algorithms for the opportunity qualification of preseed and seed-stage startup companies. Prior to her time at Glasswing, Olivia worked in a lab studying the neural correlates of attention. She holds a degree in Neuroscience from Wellesley College.


About Francis

Francis Vu

Investment Analyst


Francis has an extensive background in private equity and venture capital that he brings to KingsCrowd. Previously, Francis was a part of VU Venture Partners, helping to source deals and lead program management. Prior to this, he served as a private equity analyst at Pacific Oak where he helped source deals. Aside from developing his own startup investment portfolio, he spends his time learning data analytics in Python and SQL. Throughout his time in private equity and venture capital, he's built financial models, conducted due diligence, and sourced investment opportunities. Francis holds a degree in Finance and Management from Tulane University.


About Howie

Howie Schneider

Chief Technology Officer


Howie is a proven entrepreneur focused on technology, development, data management, and operations. Prior to co-founding Crowditz which was purchased by KingsCrowd, Howie was CTO and Co-Founder at Generate Inc., where he developed and implemented the technology to create real-time news and event monitoring, comprehensive intelligence on millions of companies and executives, and relationship capital management. Generate was purchased by Dow Jones.


About Ahmad

Ahmad Takatkah

Chief Investment Officer


Ahmad comes to KingsCrowd with the perfect blend of venture capital and data science experience. He holds an MBA, is a Kauffman Fellow and has spent eight years working in venture capital, with stops at N2V, Leap Ventures, and ArzanVC. He also spent three years at Carta, a leader in cap table management and private equity technology. In his free time, he runs his own VC and data science-focused blog: VCpreneur.com where he entertains and educates thousands of readers.


About Aryelle

Aryelle Young

Head of Content Production


Aryelle Young is a published writer and editor with experience across industries. She has worked with an independent publishing company and as a proposal writer for a government contractor. Her original work has also been published in various journals and one short story collection. At KingsCrowd, she strives to provide insightful and actionable content for all readers. Aryelle graduated with a Creative Writing degree from George Mason University.


About Brian




Brian is the Founder of Crowdwise.org and VentureWallet.co and an angel investor in 110+ startups through equity crowdfunding. An Aerospace/Mechanical engineer by training, a seasoned engineering leader, and a self-taught software developer, Brian also serves on the Crowdfunding Professional Association’s (CfPA) Board of Directors and is an advisor to numerous startups.


Katy Dolan
Investment Staff

John Engle

Meridith Taylor

Jason Koob

Daniel Jones
Investment Staff

Benjamin Potts
Investment Staff

Ethan Thomas
Investment Staff


John Fanning
Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Mike Even

Former CIO, Citi

Andrea Walne
Partner at Manhattan Venture Partners

Barry Kurland
VC / Fintech C-Suite

Patrik Hellstrand
VC-backed CEO