Be More Pacific Houston on Nextseed

Filipino Kitchen and Bar.

Raise to date: $206,400

Reporting Date: 09/01/2019

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Be More Pacific Houston, the next-big-thing in Filipino cuisine, is raising funds on NextSeed. The restaurant is a second location of the founders of a successful restaurant in Austin. Be More Pacific Houston is bringing the fresh and flavourful Filipino cuisine to the masses in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. The restaurant will also feature a bar, patio, private dining & karaoke room, and off-site catering. Be More Pacific Houston is owned by Mark Pascual and Giovan Cuchapin, with Roveen Abante as the local Managing Partner. The proceeds of the crowdfunding raise, with a minimum target of $100,000, will be used for the interior and exterior build-out of the property inventory, marketing, etc. The business model has already proven to be successful at the Austin location and has won the Culture Map 2018 Best New Restaurant award.