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Navigating autistics into meaningful STEM related studies and careers

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Geeking out or getting geeked up — the bottom line is that geeks are in…especially when it comes to the world of tech.

In fact, researchers have dubbed autism the “Geek Syndrome” because autistic characteristics such as attention to detail, affinity for repetitive tasks, hyperfocusing, and introversion all help create successful tech industry employees. And now, Coding Autism is here to help those geeks get the opportunities they deserve — and reach their full potential. They provide a suite of services all centered around vocational, social, and communication skills, as well as overall independence, with the goal of navigating autistics into meaningful STEM-related studies and careers. Participants in Coding Autism can get down and geeky with programs like Adult In-Person Coding and Social Skills, Online Coding and Social Skills for Beginners, STEM Robotics, and Social Skills and Career Coaching.

More and more companies — like Microsoft, HP, and Google — are creating autistic talent hiring divisions. Harvard Review even stated that neurodiversity is a competitive advantage. After all, the average autistic programmer only has a 3% error rate, whereas an average neurotypical programmer has a 30% error rate. Yet, due to the stigmas attached with neurodiversity, many autistics are unemployed. Actually, 80% of autistic adults are either unemployed or underemployed, even though it’s expected there will be one million unfilled tech positions by 2020 that autistics are perfectly suited for. Add in that there are about 500,000 autistic teens entering adulthood in the next ten years, and you realize just how valuable Coding Autism’s services truly are.

Others are certainly realizing it. Mashable, Yahoo Tech, and Autism Speaks have all featured Coding Autism, and the company has over 150 applicants on their waitlist for a 15 slot in-person vocational certificate pilot program. And, as they continue to grow, they will be able to help more and more autistic individuals and companies both benefit.

By helping neurodiverse people achieve skills that lead to independence, meaningful work, and significant relationships, Coding Autism is helping people achieve their full geek syndrome potential….which is definitely something worth geeking out about.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
If you are autistic, or if someone close to you is, then consider investing in Coding Autism. Their services to help people with Geek Syndrome learn social skills and prepare them for jobs they’re well-suited for in the tech industry could be just what you’ve been looking for…and help autistics reach their full potential.

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