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Cadi on StartEngine

MedVector on StartEngine

The COVID-19 pandemic has grown the telehealth industry exponentially. A recent study of U.S medical specialists found that

Oscilla Power on Microventures

In July 2020, KingsCrowd rated the wave energy company Oscilla Power as a…

WellWell on Republic

Many of us have noticed an explosion of grab-and-go beverage options in grocery store aisles. The old stand-bys,…

Phoenix PharmaLabs on Netcapital

In the years before the world’s current COVID-19 crisis, America in particular faced a deadly and persistent threat…

C-Reveal Therapeutics on NetCapital

Cancer is the great, mysterious killer of medical science. As of January 2019, there were an

StorEn Technologies on StartEngine

Every year, the need for higher quality battery and storage technologies grows. Global energy demand is on the…

Relay on Republic

Relay has created an application with the goal of making the customer service experience quick, easy, and as…

Blendid on MicroVentures

The global smoothie industry total available market has been estimated at $12 billion…