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Kingscrowd Founder Profile

KingsCrowd was founded with the vision that everyone should have access to institutional grade research and analytics tools that enable informed startup investment decisions, regardless of investment experience.

Founder Profile: BrewDog

Craft beer has been wildly successful in the US. However, that impact hasn't been mirrored abroad. In 2007, BrewDog was…

Founder Profile: Infinovate

Mutual funds were created to simplify investment decisions. However, over time they have grown more and more complicated. By the…

Founder Profile: Countable

It's no secret that driving customer engagement is a winning strategy for any business or cause. But that's often easier…

Founder Profile: Buzzn

CBD use is growing increasingly popular among millennials and young adults. As a treatment for insomnia to eczema,…

Founder Profile: Narrative Food

Food is intrinsic to not only survival, but also the formation of culture, family, and memories. As pre-packaged meals and…

Founder Profile: R3 Printing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has gained a lot of attention for its potential to "revolutionize" the manufacturing…

Founder Profile: Pure Green Franchise

Lately, juice and smoothies are all the rage. Beginning in NYC, Pure Green Franchise has five retail locations…

Founder Profile: Thinker-Tinker

Forbes 30 Under 30 game creator Yuting Su and her team wanted to revolutionize playtime for kids. Thinker-Tinker…