KingsCrowd Industry Analysis

Accessibility in Online Startup Investing

This Chart of the Week breaks down investment minimums across five platforms to help investors identify deals in their budgets.

Why CPG Startups Cost More than Pharma Startups

By examining average valuations by funding stage across product type, some interesting trends begin to emerge.

The Sports Stack: A Collision of Sports and Alternative Investments

Michael Sidgmore provides an in-depth examination of how sports and alternative investments can align in the best of ways.

The Effect of Product Type on Valuation

Comparing the average valuation of startups by their product type shows that one kind of startup is more expensive than others in this Chart of the Week.

Crowdfunders Care Deeply About Social Impact

In the online private markets, investors can invest in any company that aligns with their values. And crowdfunders are doing just that.

The Most Popular Revenue Models Among Crowdfunders

This chart of the week examines which revenue models startup investors have invested in most in 2021.

Crowdfunders Are Investing in Far More Minority Founders Than VCs Are

In just five months, crowdfunders have already invested in far more minority-founded companies than traditional venture capitalists have.

Industry Valuations: What Investors Can Expect

Using median valuation data, investors can get an idea of what valuations to expect from various industries -- and which startups are good deals.