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Kingscrowd Underweight Deal

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Underweight Deal: EdTech Without Proof of Product/Market Fit

Acquire Skills and Knowledge Education Inc (ASK) is an educational technology company building new education tools for the 21st Century.


Underweight Deal: Subscription Boxes with a French Focus

Online French Luxury Subscription box


Underweight Deal: Renewable Space Travel

Renewable Electric Propulsion


Underweight Deal: SciFi Escape Room with a Sky-High Pre-Money Valuation

Cinematic immersive escape-room experience starring Sci-fi iconic celebrities.


Underweight Deal: Health Insurance Done Right?

Health Insurance Redefined. Will pay the entire claim. Open network. No pre-authorization.


Underweight Deal: Another Password Protector with Weak Operating History

One Password Manager to Manage All 150 of Your Online Accounts