Dental Genie on SeedInvest

Online dental marketplace offering ratings, reviews, and pricing.

Raise to date: $7,500

Reporting Date: 07/03/2019

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Dental Genie, an online marketplace for dentists and patients, is raising funds on SeedInvest. The company has a valuation cap of $5 million and is working towards making dental work affordable and accessible. Dental Genie platform provides ratings, reviews, and pricing of the dentists, and allows patients and dentists to find one another through full transparency. Dental Genie was founded by Dr. Ryan Wallin, an award-winning dentist with years of experience. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding round, with a total round size of $1,070,000, will be used for marketing & sales, app & systems development, additional personnel, and admin & legal. Dental Genie already has an active trial program in Phoenix with more than 100 dentists and more than 600 patients.