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August 21, 2020

Forge Deals for August

Last month we brought secondary trading platforms to the attention of our accredited investor base. Specifically, we looked at Forge Global, a secondary market platform for pre-IPO companies where early investors and employees can sell their shares.

In July, we highlighted several Forge deals, including DoorDash and Ginkgo Bioworks. In an effort to continue our coverage of these secondary market platforms, we are excited to highlight some active deals for the month of August.

Below are some of Forge’s current investment opportunities.

Rent the Runway – Rent the Runway is a fashion subscription service. Plans start at $69 and allow users to temporarily own designer styles. At the last round of Series F funding, Rent the Runway was valued at $1B. Shares currently sit at $22.35. 

Asana – Asana is a web and mobile application that helps with internal company organization and collaboration. The company’s current valuation from the last round of Series E funding is $1.5B. Shares are currently listed for $8.19.

Calm – Calm is a meditation software that helps users relax and become more mindful. At the last round of Series B funding, the company was valued at $1B. Individual shares cost $86.85.

We hope this serves as a jumping-off point for any of our accredited readers hoping to become more aware of the secondary market ecosystem. Additionally, we will continue to highlight Forge deals and other secondary markets as fully-comprehensive leaders in the private equity space. 

As a reminder, all offers have $100k minimums and are exclusive of a 5% transaction fee. Also, all deals in the space are limited to accredited investors.

About: Olivia Strobl

Olivia comes to KingsCrowd with a background in venture capital and technology. She spent time at Glasswing Ventures, an AI-focused venture fund in Boston, before joining the KingsCrowd team. There she helped develop machine learning algorithms for the opportunity qualification of preseed and seed-stage startup companies. Prior to her time at Glasswing, Olivia worked in a lab studying the neural correlates of attention. She holds a degree in Neuroscience from Wellesley College.

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