Funding Report for July 2019 November, 2019

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Commitments for July Exceed $9.0 Million!


    Total Net Commitments: $9,462,459

    Three funding platforms (Wefunder, Republic, StartEngine) exceed a million dollars in July

Platform $’s This Month
Wefunder $3,754,075
Republic $2,236,610
StartEngine $1,297,285
NetCapital $861,488
Microventures $401,464
NextSeed $285,800
SeedInvest $270,821
Fundanna $224,265
TruCrowd $130,981
WunderFund $-330

On the company front,

Rank $’s This Month Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $1,070,000 Subverse A community-owned, decentralized news network Wefunder $1,070,000
2 $722,999 Convesio We make enterprise level WordPress website hosting available to everyone. Wefunder $722,999
3 $517,617 InnaMed Using smart, at-home blood testing technology to enable personalized medicine. Republic $1,070,000
4 $502,332 The Human Baton THB: The Human Baton brings fans closer than ever to the sports they love. NetCapital $502,332
5 $465,492 CHRGR Advertising that powers your brand Republic $535,000
6 $344,042 Mealthy Home cooking made easy. Republic $432,649
7 $301,991 Vantem Global Vantem has developed a revolutionary building system that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and scalable. NetCapital $339,109
8 $241,739 Travelmate Robotics The first robot assistant and self moving suitcase. Wefunder $339,355
9 $234,743 App-App Complimentary appetizers whenever you dine out. Wefunder $256,583
10 $226,850 Move Supermarket of The Future. Premium Groceries without Premium Markups. Wefunder $546,432
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