Funding Report for Week Ending 11/10/2019 December, 2019

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Crowdfunding Commitments Hits for November!


Total Net Investment since Last Week: $1,968,523

Platforms StartEngine, Republic and Wefunder accounts for 77% of all commitments last week.

Here’s how the platforms did:

Platform $’s Last Week
StartEngine $648,541
Republic $463,993
Wefunder $400,438
NextSeed $165,700
Microventures $123,699
SeedInvest $117,163
NetCapital $24,198
Fundanna $14,107
TruCrowd $10,684

Leading the way on Company funding last week:

Rank $’s Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $154,400 Railway Heights Market Houston’s most innovative marketplace, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of Houston’s small business owners. NextSeed $647,000
2 $140,963 Convesio We make enterprise level WordPress website hosting available to everyone. Wefunder $1,000,000
3 $132,710 Ember Fund Invest like a cryptocurrency hedge fund with only $300 Republic $132,710
4 $120,095 TruBrain Brain Food just got smarter. TruBrain + CBD StartEngine $410,723
5 $95,221 AquaVault Enjoy the Sun Without Getting Burned StartEngine $1,069,964
6 $74,595 Voyage Media 1st Film/TV Incubator: Original Content For Hollywood & Sourced From The Crowd Wefunder $273,393
7 $72,432 Parallel Flight Technologies Saving lives, property, and the environment StartEngine $459,781
8 $60,956 Humphry Slocombe Making ice cream less vanilla Wefunder $99,939
9 $56,718 Back Porch Homes A tiny home for your backyard Republic $80,035
10 $47,849 Brakes To Go Mobile on-demand brake service and repair Microventures $309,347
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