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Funding Report for Week Ending 3/21/2021

RegCF Crowdfunding Commitments Hits $40M for March!


Total Net Investment since Last Week: $26,802,801

Platforms Republic and Wefunder accounts for 70% of all commitments last week.

Here’s how the platforms did:

Platform $’s Last Week
Republic $10,957,378
Wefunder $7,761,314
StartEngine $4,421,742
Honeycomb $2,536,361
Netcapital $267,865
SMBX $266,410
Microventures $179,106
Localstake $145,425
MainVest $123,300
TruCrowd $49,441
SeedInvest $47,588
Equifund CFP $18,150
Silicon Prairie Online $12,000
Fundanna $7,371
Small Change $4,000
Fundopolis $3,250
WunderFund $2,100

Leading the way on Company funding last week:

Rank $’s Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $5,000,000 Gumroad Powering the online creator economy Republic $5,000,000
2 $3,930,000 Heroic Public Benefit Corporation Let’s change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with us. Today. Wefunder $5,000,000
3 $3,586,500 Backstage Capital Investment adviser focused on people of color, women and LGBTQ+ founders Republic $4,656,500
4 $2,461,112 Wefunder Angel investing for everyone Honeycomb $2,461,112
5 $587,189 LaneAxis Blockchain-Powered Direct Freight Network StartEngine $587,189
6 $560,000 R3 Printing Manufacturing is about to get personal. StartEngine $1,630,000
7 $532,252 WaterBlocks Rapidly-Deployable Flood Barrier System StartEngine $547,072
8 $518,147 Linen Build wealth with the ownership economy Republic $1,018,147
9 $430,378 Clash TV Interactive live streaming app that drives digital engagement—talk to the tv! Wefunder $430,378
10 $364,828 Citizens One of the fastest growing specialty cafe & lifestyle brands Republic $783,050