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Funding Report for Week Ending 4/4/2021

RegCF Crowdfunding Commitments Hits $3M for April!


Total Net Investment since Last Week: $7,507,398

Platforms StartEngine and Wefunder accounts for 66% of all commitments last week.

Here’s how the platforms did:

Platform $’s Last Week
StartEngine $3,047,283
Wefunder $1,870,118
Republic $1,599,034
Netcapital $321,221
MainVest $211,050
Raise Green $137,150
Microventures $68,137
SMBX $51,661
Equifund CFP $50,550
NextSeed $42,600
Fundanna $36,604
TruCrowd $22,015
SeedInvest $19,207
Localstake $14,018
Small Change $7,200
Silicon Prairie Online $6,000
WunderFund $2,550
Buy The Block $1,000

Leading the way on Company funding last week:

Rank $’s Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $877,413 WiGL Long Distance Wireless Power StartEngine $1,942,761
2 $622,270 Tadah! Foods One of the fastest-growing plant-based food brands in the country Wefunder $622,270
3 $441,839 Linen Build wealth with the ownership economy Republic $2,615,071
4 $309,593 Sircles The Social Recommendations App Designed To Destroy Yelp! Wefunder $833,301
5 $304,154 LaneAxis Blockchain-Powered Direct Freight Network StartEngine $1,144,127
6 $170,066 Parknav Just Drive. Let us find parking for you. Wefunder $409,450
7 $161,529 Talla Talla’s AI platform provides clients with automated customer support. Using cognitive robotic process automation, Talla is able to answer 90% of support questions at first contact. Netcapital $161,529
8 $161,124 DRONEDEK Corporation The Safe, Secure, Smart Mailbox for the New Age of Delivery! Wefunder $1,520,928
9 $148,286 Veer Bomb-proof carbon belt drivetrains StartEngine $148,286
10 $143,980 Honeybee Burger Saving the planet one plant-based burger at a time StartEngine $664,245