Funding Report for Week Ending 6/14/2020

Crowdfunding Commitments Hits for June!


Total Net Investment since Last Week: $2,892,528

Platforms StartEngine and Republic accounts for 64% of all commitments last week.

Here’s how the platforms did:

Platform $’s Last Week
StartEngine $960,507
Republic $886,063
Wefunder $610,212
MainVest $95,200
Netcapital $83,675
SeedInvest $75,999
Fundopolis $48,400
Microventures $42,983
Honeycomb $40,250
Buy The Block $33,250
Fundanna $9,850
TruCrowd $4,514
WaterWorks $1,500
Razitall $125

Leading the way on Company funding last week:

Rank $’s Last Week Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 $160,529 Fleeting Connecting commercial drivers with on-demand trucking jobs Republic $618,377
2 $156,707 Geoship Regenerative Architecture StartEngine $1,007,021
3 $149,409 Elemeno Health Empowering staff at the point of care: Improving safety, and fighting COVID Republic $325,869
4 $116,294 KinectAir The future of flying. The on-demand flight network. Wefunder $116,294
5 $95,637 Blue A smart business card and mobile app for the modern age Republic $729,948
6 $85,251 Ryca International Effortless Oral Care StartEngine $540,038
7 $80,520 Yonder Global A rare opportunity at the intersection of travel, health and nature Wefunder $80,520
8 $69,681 Teooh Virtual people, in-person events Republic $608,979
9 $67,075 Piestro Delivering artisanal pizzas in 3 minutes or less StartEngine $148,925
10 $63,500 Sleep Better Foundation App where multi-lingual, virtual sleep coaches elevate user sleep quality Wefunder $63,500

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