Gali Health on SeedInvest

AI-powered personal health assistant for people with chronic conditions

Raise to date: $242,994

Reporting Date: 07/21/2019

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Gali Health, with a valuation cap of $12 million, is raising crowdfunding on SeedInvest. Gali, the AI-powered mobile personal health assistant, helps people manage and pass through their chronic health conditions. Gali learns from a pool of experts and provides health information and collective intelligence to the patients. Gali Health was founded by Ilya Kupershmidt in 2015 and has raised $2.5 million in previous rounds of pre-seed and seed funding. The current round of crowdfunding has a total size of $900,000, and the proceeds will be used for R&D, marketing, DNA sequencing, and community programs. Gali Health has established collaborations with Stanford Hospital and UCSF and is gaining traction.