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Sushi hand rolls -- a growing national trend, popular for their efficient presentation and focus on quality ingredients

Raise to date: $200,000

Reporting Date: 09/30/2019

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Hando, a soon-to-open sushi hand roll bar, is raising funds on NextSeed. The sushi bar is to be launched in the Heights neighborhood of Houston and is planned to be a healthy and fun option for intimate or casual meals. Hando will have offerings including salmon, tuna, scallop, crab, and vegetarian, and will include Japanese spirits, sake, and beers. Hando is owned by Jason Andaya, owner of the Family Meal Group. The proceeds of the crowdfunding round, with a minimum goal of $150,000 and a maximum goal of $200,000, will be used to build the restaurant, equipment for the kitchen and bar, inventory, and marketing costs. The business model and revenue streams of Hando promise low operational costs and high profits.