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Cheap, safe, and clean energy generator: the power of the sun recreated on Earth

Raise to date: $575,750

Reporting Date: 03/01/2020

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LPPFusion, with a pre-money valuation of $39.3 million, is raising crowdfunding on WeFunder. The company is developing the fastest path to using fusion energy instead of the energy from fossil fuels. LPPFusion is creating the technology to generate the most power in the least space, in a clean, safe, and cheap manner. The technology of LPPFusion does not produce any radioactive waste and has provided excellent experimental results. LPPFusion is managed by Eric J. Lerner as the President and Chief Scientist, with Ivana Karamitsos as the Chief Information Officer. The company has raised over $7.5 million in the previous rounds of financing. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding round, with a minimum goal of $400,000 and a maximum goal of $1,070,000, will be used to finance the next few critical months of scientific research and to pay down debts. LPPFusion has patents issued in countries including the US, China, Canada, the EU, and Australia.