Lyons Ave Renaissance on Buy The Block

Invest in 18 rentals with long term tenants (mostly seniors), a restaurant, an empty space that will be a coffee shop, and a new construction office space in Historic 5th Ward of Houston.

Raise to date: $178,350

Reporting Date: 01/22/2020

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Lyons Ave Renaissance, a real estate firm, is raising crowdfunding on Buy The Block, LLC. The company owns a portfolio of residential and commercial properties on Lyons Avenue in the 5th Ward of Houston. The portfolio consists of six 2-bed 1-bath homes and twelve 1-bed 1-bath homes, in addition to two commercial buildings. The properties are in pristine condition and in an excellent location. Lyons Ave Renaissance was founded by Christopher Senegal, a renewed real estate developer. The current round of crowdfunding of Lyons Ave Renaissance has a minimum target of $107,000 and a maximum target of $1,070,000, and the funds will be used towards the acquisition of the rental portfolio, repairs, and cost of design and improvement. The property generates $13,000 per month in rental income that is expected to increase to $15,000 per month.