Monthly New Deals January, 2021

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New Deals for January, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Monogram Orthopaedics Future of Joint Reconstruction. StartEngine $1,610,058
2 Automatic The Fintech platform that connects independent auto dealers and lenders Wefunder $510,484
3 Pencilish Animation Studios A Crowd-Owned Animation Studio Created by Top Disney Alumni Wefunder $380,029
4 Eyedaptic Augmented Reality Glasses for Vision Loss StartEngine $280,573
5 AtomBeam Radically Efficient Software for IoT StartEngine $247,776
6 Vegan Fine Brands 100% Vegan StartEngine $187,946
7 Grand Teton Distillery "TODAY'S SNOW IS TOMORROW'S SPIRITS". StartEngine $178,135
8 Aces Aces reimagines clean, starting with towels — killing 99.9% of bacteria. Wefunder $131,700
9 MedCoShare Flexible coworking spaces for doctors and other healthcare practitioners Wefunder $129,652
10 Saebo No Plateau In Sight. StartEngine $125,960
11 GameSense Sports Brain-training for athletes: elite, game-changing tech for players everywhere Wefunder $117,000
12 Ei.Ventures Invest In The Future of Psychedelic Medicine FundMe $96,724
13 Pharm Robotics We are automating the shot delivery process for dairy and beef cows with robots Wefunder $96,200
14 Wilderwise Eco-innovative Tiny Homes StartEngine $89,985
15 Flower Street Docs Two documentaries to be produced by Adam Carolla and Nate Adams, with numerous celebrity interviews Microventures $80,200
16 Immerse Underwater Safari Save our planet on an underwater safari! Wefunder $73,000
17 Primal Life Organics 100% Truly natural, organic oral & skincare products that improve your health! Republic $71,226
18 The Bad Stuff Luxury tequila brand StartEngine $69,098
19 Soul Slice Feeding the Soul of America Wefunder $64,505
20 Humphry Slocombe Humphry Slocombe’s ice cream SMBX $61,170
21 Remuv UV clean for the unseen. StartEngine $60,069
22 Hayseed We're making a whodunnit mystery feature film! Wefunder $52,175
23 Stay Clean We are a cloud-based telemedicine program and community for addiction treatment Wefunder $46,812
24 Walbrook Junction Building Black wealth through community-owned shopping centers. Small Change $46,000
25 digieBot Technologies Changing the Future of Trading TruCrowd $42,658
26 lyfmap. com A positive social network that connects users over history is building Google Maps to the past! Wefunder $38,600
27 FAVER A word-of-mouth recommendations platform FundMe $36,650
28 PointerTop A Web Of Digital Experiences Wefunder $31,210
29 Roombus We're using technology and human-centered design to create the future of housing Wefunder $30,920
30 GenoBank The world’s most secure way to exchange DNA data Wefunder $27,250
31 The Original Hot Dog Factory America's Best Hot Dog! StartEngine $26,444
32 VUGO We help rideshare drivers make more money while riders get interactive entertainment Wefunder $22,134
33 Flatiron- Miami Invest in Brickell Flatiron—one of the hottest new condo buildings in Miami. Republic $20,173
34 Overt Skincare A direct to consumer skincare company. Proven market and press validation. Wefunder $19,600
35 afocusedpath afocusedpath is the social media platform for getting you involved in education! Wefunder $19,550
36 MyndVR Improving lives and fighting isolation for older adults through virtual reality Republic $17,896
37 The Craft of Brewing Brewery MainVest $17,700
38 Marauder A new first person, science fiction multiplayer game launching for PC Republic $14,500
39 Cloud Computing Solutions Be Part Of The Movement! FundMe $11,125
40 Azzida Start Getting Stuff Done Wefunder $10,205
41 7th Street Slider Bar American Restaurant MainVest $10,000
42 Illume- Nashville Invest in a new Nashville luxury condo to be operated as a vacation rental Republic $8,537
43 Digital Dream Labs A consumer electronics company Honeycomb $7,765
44 Colosso di Rodi Greek Bistro Restaurant MainVest $7,300
45 BookSniffer Reading is good :) StartEngine $6,528
46 RDE, Inc. Helping restaurants thrive in the new normal Issuance $6,300
47 InnerG Juice & Yoga A black woman-led wellness brand making wellness accessible via juice and yoga Wefunder $5,450
48 CountertopSmart The ingenious way to save big on countertops Republic $5,420
49 Tonic Coffee Quality-driven boutique style coffeehouse Honeycomb $4,811
50 MIME Tool to increase conversions and reduce returns for the beauty industry SeedInvest $4,000
51 The Van Zant House Birthplace of Southern Rock FundMe $3,000
52 Hammered Dwarf Cider Cidery/Taproom MainVest $2,800
53 MStreetX Fintech Driven Capital Solutions for Small Businesses TruCrowd $2,750
54 Wanderlinger Brewery Brewery MainVest $2,700
55 Guidance Whiskey An alternative to the same old whiskey hierarchy Honeycomb $2,000
56 ChaseArt Knowledge, technology, and fractionation of property FundMe $1,000
57 Relay On Demand A new and better way to book truck drivers on demand Republic $750
58 Southern Hideout Food Truck Food Truck MainVest $700
59 ReelwUrld Making the future of filmmaking social Netcapital $550
60 White Elephant Brewing Co Brewery MainVest $200
61 Ontacad Ontacad is looking to disrupt a $500 billion market through its Software as a Service (SaaS) product that converts scientific and medical software and equipment user guides to video-tutorials to assist clients saving time and money. Netcapital $111
62 Trouvaille Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $0
63 Robo Esso Coffee Shop MainVest $0
64 Skywide Real Estate International Investment opportunity in a Property in Philadelphia Mr. Crowd $0
65 American Stories Entertainment Unique stories of real people TruCrowd $0
66 Patientory Your health, at your fingertips Wefunder $0
January: $18,789,462
December: $28,485,899
November: $21,198,076
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