Monthly New Deals February, 2021

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New Deals for February, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Heroic Public Benefit Corporation Let's change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with us. Today. Wefunder $1,070,000
2 StackSource Online financing portal for real estate investors Wefunder $1,070,000
3 Backstage Capital Investment adviser focused on people of color, women and LGBTQ+ founders Republic $1,070,000
4 Orbital Assembly Corporation A large scale space construction company that is launching the next phase of human exploration of space, artificial gravity, and rapid on-orbit assembly of large structures. Netcapital $1,000,000
5 TransitNet TransitNet brings title to crypto Wefunder $755,348
6 Flash Scientific Technology Lightning Prediction Technology StartEngine $726,689
7 Thirty Three Threads A premium athleisure collective StartEngine $663,128
8 Ciari Guitars Revolutionary, patented music-tech enabling stress-free guitar mobility Wefunder $595,092
9 Death & Co Integrated hospitality group creating unique cocktail experiences across the U.S. SeedInvest $573,600
10 Linen Build wealth with the ownership economy Republic $458,998
11 Graze Fully Autonomous Electric Lawn Mowers StartEngine $447,276
12 Future Acres Autonomous farm tools of tomorrow SeedInvest $404,000
13 ChipBrain Emotionally intelligent AI for sales professionals Netcapital $392,592
14 Worth Worth uses social media to convert customers into marketers. Wefunder $343,921
15 The Block Distilling Co. A craft distillery making #everydamndrop in house. Wefunder $328,412
16 Drink Monday Drink delicious cocktails, socialize without stress, and wakeup hangover free. Republic $327,939
17 Assure Health Personalized care that keeps seniors safe and healthy from home Equifund CFP $270,539
18 Taste Labs AI Powered Personalized Recommendation StartEngine $253,336
19 Asaak Next generation asset-backed loans for Africa. Republic $250,000
20 AEXLAB A virtual reality technology studio. StartEngine $236,421
21 Citizens One of the fastest growing specialty cafe & lifestyle brands Republic $225,162
22 Beacons Helping creators build the businesses of tomorrow Republic $200,000
23 Node40 QuickBooks for crypto NextSeed $191,000
24 REJOY REJOY is a unique plant-based sports drink infused with CBD to ease body & mind Wefunder $189,062
25 Naboso Movement is life, life is sensory StartEngine $181,016
26 The Studio Kitchen The culinary entertainment destination StartEngine $170,873
27 Jetson Intelligent Voice Commerce StartEngine $143,084
28 AllerPops Liberate millions from allergies Wefunder $136,412
29 25 Bough Street Transform a vacant building in the heart of the city to empower the community! Wefunder $125,883
30 Harlan County Beer Company Brewery & restaurant in Harlan County, Kentucky the historic heart of Appalachia Wefunder $124,325
31 Crossflix Plus Crossflix Plus is a VR/3D Streaming Faith Channel for Churches and Families Wefunder $110,780
32 PredictSys Using Artificial Intelligence to solve Fashion's $210 Billion problem Wefunder $110,320
33 Opyrus Opyrus helps you tap your power to write to transform your life Wefunder $98,207
34 DigiBuild Revolutionizing the global construction industry using blockchain technology Republic $90,491
35 Viveka The Go-To Place For Human Growth - B2C2B SaaS platform for personal development Wefunder $88,801
36 Western Reserve Distillers A family-owned organic craft distillery Honeycomb $88,750
37 Predictiv The DNA-based Digital Twin to predict and prevent risks on 16,000+ diseases Republic $81,823
38 Roomongo One Site | One Search | One Link... Hotels, rentals, rooms, and more! Wefunder $77,720
39 CrowdLustro An Equity Crowdfunding Aggregator and Research Platform Wefunder $76,012
40 SkillSoniq AI-Powered Recruiting App StartEngine $67,681
41 Tropical Racing Disrupting the thoroughbred horse racing establishment Republic $67,488
42 Sentry AI Virtual security guards to make communities secure and safe Republic $65,088
43 Grazr Grazr makes buying locally raised meat easy and affordable Wefunder $64,583
44 Upstryve Meet Upstryve - Marketplace for Professional Trades. Fundopolis $59,976
45 precursor spc Forecasting earthquakes days to weeks before they occur SeedInvest $59,100
46 AI Driven OKR and Talent Acquisition Platform Devoted to Achieving Team Cohesion Wefunder $50,388
47 RIZOME Climate-Positive Bamboo Building Materials Wefunder $50,225
48 BuildStream The supply chain quality inspection marketplace Republic $48,262
49 RedOak Instruments Red Oak Instruments produces biomedical devices that allow quantitative measurements of fine motor skills. Netcapital $45,560
50 Forrest Hill Brewing Company Craft Brewery and Taproom MainVest $42,400
51 Evrmore 1st Mover Digital Wellness App Using Emotion AI for Underserved Youth Wefunder $38,208
52 Jule’s Foods Specialty vegan cheese products SMBX $36,560
53 Uruk Platform Uruk Platform enables organizations to complete projects faster and cheaper Wefunder $34,800
54 Benson Watch Company Own your time Republic $32,275
55 WayOut Kids We specialize in developing educational and entertaining content for kids Wefunder $31,160
56 The Mindful Mutt Pet Service MainVest $30,750
57 Aether Beauty Disrupting the $500B beauty industry with clean+sustainable makeup that works Republic $29,951
58 Ready Set Jet Changing the world through beauty Republic $29,588
59 CycleBoard The personal electric vehicle, reimagined StartEngine $28,991
60 SousZen Next-gen software to orchestrate and streamline restaurant kitchen operations Wefunder $28,250
61 Sunscoop The most delicious plant-based ice cream made from organic coconut cream Republic $28,151
62 EarthWise Sustainable Sorbent Technologies StartEngine $27,293
63 Clocr Revolutionizing the $300B digital legacy industry with our all-in-one platform Republic $26,751
64 Atense World's first patented computer vaccine stops malware without knowing about it Wefunder $26,620
65 HunniCo Honey water is the next big thing in flavored water, a rapidly growing market! Wefunder $23,650
66 Intentional Gap Year Online Personal Development To Supplement Experiential Programming Wefunder $21,800
67 InTheMarket On-boarding the entire commercial real estate leasing process to the cloud Republic $21,251
68 In Force Technology Advanced Emergency Communication Software StartEngine $21,199
69 Movie Gym Rat Feature Film Thriller on Addiction VS Transformation, in the body building world Wefunder $19,650
70 Everyday Contacts An affordable premium contact lens exclusively available from your Eye Doctor Wefunder $17,499
71 Homeroom Personalized, short-form e-learning for moving up at work Wefunder $16,150
72 Counter-Intuitive Cooking A kitchen robot and AI that allows hands-off, remote, freezer-to-oven cooking Wefunder $14,932
73 Offix Coworking, Office and Studio Solutions StartEngine $14,811
74 Benevet A comprehensive telehealth platform for veterinarians and pet owners. Wefunder $14,250
75 The Studio Creative Group Creative Co-Working Film and Photo Studios Share Wefunder $13,000
76 Here to Serve Holding Corp Gold is Hot but Nickel is Hotter! TruCrowd $12,930
77 DOJO+ Empowering Martial Arts schools around the world to fight in the business world Wefunder $11,301
78 DonTruck DonTruck is the next generation Transportation Management System+ solution Wefunder $10,930
79 Drawing Board Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $9,200
80 When I Was A Human: The Movie Invest in the feel-good fur-mily comedy w/built-in audience Wefunder $9,100
81 CiSApp Blockchain-based social media platform with over 22,200 user signups in its beta testing Microventures $8,700
82 Obi Access all the major ridehails and taxis around the world in one app Republic $8,580
83 Haint Blue The official drink of the human spirit Wefunder $8,100
84 OmniLife Organ Matching Healthcare Platform WunderFund $8,000
85 Nippitaty Distillery Organic craft distillery Honeycomb $7,950
86 Lynx City Eco-friendly micro-mobility options supporting local wildlife Republic $7,655
87 Cedar Credit Builder Building the world's most innovative personal finance and credit solutions Wefunder $7,350
88 illumnus Chat-based learning experience platform for K12 educational institutes Republic $6,625
89 American Brewers Brewery MainVest $5,900
90 Fork & Fire Neighborhood Wings Wings Joint MainVest $5,600
91 Healthy Hip Hop Sesame street of the 21st century Republic $5,198
92 iPill Remote Monitoring Technology to Combat the Opioid Crisis StartEngine $4,148
93 Triangle Foundry A yoga, cycling, and strength studio Honeycomb $3,800
94 Teton Bagel American Restaurant MainVest $3,000
95 Sporty Dog Creations Elevated Gourmet Hot Dogs MainVest $2,800
96 Brass Knuckle Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $2,700
97 Hiatus Wine Winery MainVest $2,400
98 Mushin Sports Lounge Sports Bar MainVest $1,200
99 Foot Glove Performance Footwear A perfect fit Glove for your feet Netcapital $839
100 Charlie Foxtrot Brewing Brewery MainVest $300
101 Cabo Vegan Cabo Verdean Vegan Restaurant MainVest $100
102 Duplex Cinema & Cafe Movie Theater MainVest $100
103 HiveSkill Maximizing the impact of digital marketing with emotionally intelligent AI Netcapital $0
104 Relevant Entertainment A company bringing real people real hope through a life changing connection Wefunder $0
105 RedOak Instruments Red Oak Instruments produces biomedical devices that allow quantitative measurements of fine motor skills and provides doctors and physicians with new ways to measure a patient’s functionality, aiding them in their diagnosis. Why Guess? Measure. Netcapital $0
106 Eyes 4 Lives Eyes 4 Lives has developed a unique yet effective AI software solution to minimize/prevent Digital Eye Strain (DES), a group of eye and vision-related problems caused by our addiction to cell phones, tablets, and computers. Netcapital $0
107 BNNano BNNano leverages cutting edge materials science innovation to transform, revitalize, revolutionize, and add value to industrial commodities. Netcapital $0
108 Talla Talla's AI platform provides clients with automated customer support. Using cognitive robotic process automation, Talla is able to answer 90% of support questions at first contact. Netcapital $0
109 AIEDC Artificial Intelligence as a Service Netcapital $0
110 Rule G Brewing Microbrewery and Tap Room MainVest $0
111 HiveSkill Maximizing the impact of digital marketing with emotionally intelligent AI Netcapital $0