Monthly New Deals March, 2021

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New Deals for March, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Gumroad Powering the online creator economy Republic $5,000,000
2 Immersed VR Offices (Partnered with Facebook). Work from anywhere with anyone. Wefunder $5,000,000
3 StartEngine The Future of Investing Is Here StartEngine $3,156,596
4 Wefunder Angel investing for everyone Honeycomb $3,132,744
5 Flower Turbines Innovative Small Wind Turbines StartEngine $1,955,381
6 20/20 GeneSystems Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19 & Cancer StartEngine $1,809,692
7 Innovega Smart contact lenses and glasses that deliver high-performance AR/VR experiences SeedInvest $1,231,900
8 LaneAxis Blockchain-Powered Direct Freight Network StartEngine $839,973
9 InnaMed Using at-home blood testing technology to enable personalized medicine Wefunder $759,991
10 Sircles The Social Recommendations App Designed To Destroy Yelp! Wefunder $523,708
11 Honeybee Burger Saving the planet one plant-based burger at a time StartEngine $520,265
12 BlocPower Energy Services Climate technology startup Raise Green $475,050
13 Clash TV Interactive live streaming app that drives digital engagement—talk to the tv! Wefunder $446,959
14 Fantasy Sports Company Data analytics and consumer rewards platform for sports-betting SeedInvest $443,200
15 Moxey Proprietary FinTech that Helps Local Economies Grow and Small Businesses Thrive Share Wefunder $384,996
16 Airthium 100x cheaper battery to stop Climate Change Wefunder $374,742
17 Piestro The Future of Artisanal Pizza StartEngine $370,387
18 VENUE by Xcinex Your at-home ticket to premium entertainment experiences Wefunder $336,120
19 WebJoint Cannabis delivery software StartEngine $324,412
20 Curtiss Motorcycle Co. Curtiss is re-born to lead the future of luxury electric motoring on two wheels Wefunder $314,100
21 Hele Fitness A Transformative Health and Fitness Brand- helping people live better! Wefunder $281,675
22 Everydae Giving everyone in the world their own digital tutor Wefunder $279,124
23 Dine.Direct The future of dining will be different. Our technology helps restaurants thrive. Wefunder $276,810
24 optiPulse Transforming communications at the Speed of Light Wefunder $272,187
25 NoBaked Cookie Dough Amazon's #1 selling cookie dough StartEngine $260,487
26 Tempo Gaming's interactive experience company Republic $245,936
27 BNNano BNNano leverages cutting edge materials science innovation to transform, revitalize, revolutionize, and add value to industrial commodities. Netcapital $242,954
28 Oxford Hounds 100% Italian Handcrafted Men's Luxury Apparel and Accessories Direct to Your Doorstep Wefunder $241,199
29 Parknav Just Drive. Let us find parking for you. Wefunder $239,384
30 mySongbird The ultimate destination for streaming music concerts Wefunder $236,891
31 LEAH Labs Curing Cancer in Dogs Wefunder $229,857
32 LPP Fusion Green Fusion Energy Generator: the power of the sun recreated on Earth Wefunder $228,900
33 SideStream Live social video platform that entered into a partner licensing agreement in December 2020 with Universal Studios Microventures $204,635
34 Hideout We're building an entirely new restaurant business for a delivery-first world Wefunder $202,950
35 Life Magnetics An at-home medical testing platform funded by the National Science Foundation Wefunder $201,195
36 Epilog Transforming how machines see the world StartEngine $195,446
37 Happy Bond Science based nutritional products for pets that helps them live a healthy life Wefunder $181,777
38 EnGen Bio A vaccine and therapy to provide lifetime immunity to Type A flu Wefunder $175,100
39 Camp365 The camper that goes everywhere! StartEngine $170,907
40 Awaken Her A female driven, surreal, psychological thriller. Wefunder $166,509
41 COLORS Worldwide Amplifying the R&B genre. StartEngine $166,022
42 Bizfluence A Global Networking Platfrom To Help SMBs Do More Business Wefunder $152,250
43 Epilog Imaging Systems Transforming how machines see the world StartEngine $135,377
44 PersonalRX A home delivery pharmacy focused on improving patient outcomes Wefunder $133,164
45 Audubon Bioscience Company offering biospecimen procurement services and more that earned $4+ million in 2020 revenue Invest Microventures $122,040
46 Blue Sky Energy Sustainable Energy Storage StartEngine $119,950
47 Obvious Wines Sustainable, Vegan, Estate-Grown Wine StartEngine $119,130
48 Ichor Our injectors increase diesel fuel economy up to 30% & decrease emissions by 90% Wefunder $117,474
49 Oak and Grist Distilling 100% Grain-to-Glass Distillery Localstake $109,326
50 Sizigi Building the best digital platform for job seekers Wefunder $106,171
51 GolfSuites Golf that is Fun, Minus the Hassle Issuance $103,185
52 Aquaborne Producing Exotic Leather From Discarded Fish-Skins Wefunder $100,579
53 Vestigo VR Adventure Experiences for Teams Wefunder $94,186
54 701 Eateries Restaurant MainVest $66,200
55 mcSquares Tech is hijacking your brain - set your ideas free with M.C. Squares StartEngine $65,489
56 Jane West One-stop shopping for cannabis consumers, established female led global brand Republic $63,480
57 Kaboodle is THE social media platform for pets and their parents Wefunder $61,765
58 GigKloud Taskrabbit for Businesses Wefunder $60,632
59 Doselva PBC Spices and Herbs Value Chains for People, Planet, and Profit in Central America Wefunder $57,970
60 Gordo’s Tacos & Tequila A gourmet taqueria Honeycomb $57,139
61 AdWallet Enables advertisers to reward consumers directly for their attention & data. Republic $56,600
62 TmrO App Tomorrow starts now StartEngine $53,002
63 Intellisea Big Data AI Driven Digital Marketing - Changing The Future Of Marketing Wefunder $49,800
64 Supervest Crowdfunding platform for alternative investments SeedInvest $49,700
65 Irrigreen Revolutionary smart sprinkler system that saves water Republic $49,350
66 PayDownHero A round-up app that helps user's CRUSH their auto loans Wefunder $46,828
67 Strom Motors The intelligent, smart cute little electric car Republic $45,400
68 Otto Connect Highly scalable enterprise and consumer mobile and cloud solutions Localstake $43,500
69 NanoVMs Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux Through Unikernels StartEngine $40,793
70 Myro Refillable plant-powered body care that's reducing plastic waste by up to 50% Republic $39,350
71 Petzbe No humans allowed. StartEngine $38,862
72 Oscar We've already mastered shaving Down Under Wefunder $38,550
73 Plain Sight Networking reimagined. Republic $35,275
74 Trip360 Seamless and personalized customer journeys for travel brands Republic $34,105
75 Mountain West Cider The first dedicated cidery in Utah StartEngine $33,074
76 Splitsy FinTech mobile app enabling 19M+ Americans to automatically split monthly bills Wefunder $31,850
77 Blue Gold Works Blue Gold Works is a Safe Water Enterprise that delivers impact at scale Wefunder $31,050
78 Inspired by Spirits An apothecary and tasting lounge Honeycomb $30,000
79 From Scratch Italian Restaurant Honeycomb $29,650
80 Wing It On Wheels RESTAURANTS AND BARS SMBX $28,270
81 PittMoss PitttMoss is a top performing upcycled soil made from organic, recycled paper Republic $28,090
82 Shift Caffeine COFFEE BREWERY SMBX $28,010
83 FullSkoop Farm to fridge meals; available 24/7 in your building Republic $27,150
84 General Genomics Curo46 - Understanding the complexity of your individual health Wefunder $26,200
85 Planted Recovery Telehealth Crowd-owned 100% virtual addiction treatment Center right to your kitchen table Wefunder $25,000
86 Quioveo Energy Unlocking an electric grid that runs on 100% sustainable renewable energy Wefunder $23,725
87 Yosteria An osteria Honeycomb $23,650
88 Kyndoo The data platform solving for influencer fraud, attribution, and safety Wefunder $23,100
89 Power Poll Civic engagement platform targeting influential people across the nation to drive change SeedInvest $22,600
90 Commissary Club The exclusive social network for people with a criminal history Republic $22,395
91 Fanalyze Your sports analysis app Republic $22,000
92 The Teacher Marketplace On-demand marketplace to connect Teachers/Tutors with Students/Families Wefunder $21,351
93 Carlocity Anonymous car shopping - making car shopping easy & reducing discrimination! Wefunder $20,300
94 Resonado Labs The speaker reinvented. High performance, design-conscious flat speaker design. Republic $19,550
95 Coffee Shift Shifting the balance of power back to coffee growers using Blockchain technology Wefunder $17,550
96 festivalPass A subscription marketplace StartEngine $14,871
97 Equo 100% plastic-free, biodegradable straws (and other food carriers) that don't suck Wefunder $14,450
98 Elm Lea Renewable Energy Invest in a solar array for an innovative school in Vermont. Raise Green $14,300
99 SurfUp Automated recreational equipment rental platform that launched its initial surfboard rental station in January '21 Microventures $14,270
100 Selling Seattle- The Sitcom Arts & Entertainment MainVest $14,000
101 National Energy Improvement Fund WE FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE Raise Green $13,000
102 Incolo A Startup Platform for All Founders & Investors Localstake $12,200
103 SimpleShowing The new way to tour and buy a home Republic $12,100
104 PPC Ad Editor Create and Review PPC Ads Better, Faster, Together! #intelligentworkflows Wefunder $11,700
105 SwayBrand Marketplace connecting brands and diverse brand ambassadors for culturally relative content and insights SeedInvest $11,518
106 Fuel & Iron Building a food hall and apartments in a historic building in downtown Pueblo, CO Wefunder $11,200
107 Smart Field CMMS Field Asset Maintenance and Inspections Made Simple Wefunder $11,200
108 Octivity Fitness Collective Subscription-based health and wellness solution StartEngine $11,116
109 GRAF Medical Imaging A new brand in X-ray and a new marketing concept for medical imaging products Wefunder $11,100
110 myUDAAN Assistive mobility solutions for the elderly and persons with disabilities Republic $9,800
111 Roast Umber Coffee and Cacao Roasting MainVest $9,200
112 Two’s Koa Warriors A Sci-fi film about time travel and what you would say to your younger self Wefunder $8,701
113 Eyes 4 Lives Eyes 4 Lives has developed a unique yet effective AI software solution to minimize/prevent Digital Eye Strain (DES), a group of eye and vision-related problems caused by our addiction to cell phones, tablets, and computers. Netcapital $7,756
114 GenBio 'Expanding Possibilities Through Nature' TruCrowd $6,700
115 Retro Meadery Meadery MainVest $6,600
116 FinLitX FinLitX is an autonomous app that teaches financial literacy without the need of human interaction. Netcapital $6,405
117 Thyme Management Prepared, healthy meals for delivery Honeycomb $6,000
118 Lexria We help consumers eliminate their student loans in bankruptcy Wefunder $5,501
119 Valerie’s The Healthy, Delicious, Vegan, Drive-Thru. Wefunder $5,300
120 Debellation Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $5,100
121 Pilger Ruh Brewing Brewery MainVest $4,775
122 We build a marketplace for voice assistants Republic $4,210
123 Magic Valley Brewing Brewery MainVest $2,900
124 The Coach Eatery Co. New American Restaurant MainVest $2,200
125 O’o Hawaii Clean Beauty Skincare MainVest $2,000
126 Marina’s Cuisine Food Truck MainVest $1,900
127 Meadows Italiano Italian Restaurant MainVest $1,700
128 Dazed Brewing Brewery MainVest $1,100
129 Arterial Coffee Coffee Shop MainVest $1,000
130 NEXT Wine Company Winery MainVest $600
131 KSITY Pizzeria Comfort Food Restaurant MainVest $200
132 Kenny’s Restaurant & Bar BBQ Joint MainVest $200
133 BEAU Eatery Restaurant MainVest $100
134 Footcoin Alternative investments in sports FundMe $0
135 Guardian Athletics Guardian Athletics’ KatoCollar provides better protection to the head and neck of athletes by slowing their movement after impact by up to 30% and allowing football players a lightweight, discreet design that doesn’t get in the way of a safer way to play football. Netcapital $0
136 AMASS Botanics Portfolio of premium, high-growth botanic beverages and self care products SeedInvest $0
137 Ascent AeroSystems Setting the new global standard for mission-critical unmanned aerial systems Republic $0
138 DeoBioSciences DeoBioSciences is developing a treatment against advanced metastatic cancer for people and pets. Netcapital $0
139 eBumps eBumps allows the everyday driver to monetize their driving with no additional work needed and brings a new level of outdoor advertising to businesses and individuals. Netcapital $0
140 EPIC FAM An entertainment & media company with a mission to bring national attention to Baltimore’s wealth of artists. Netcapital $0