Monthly New Deals April, 2021

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New Deals for April, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 GenesisAI The Global AI Network. Buy and sell AI technologies at scale. Netcapital $648,547
2 Fantasy Sports Company Data analytics and consumer rewards platform for sports-betting SeedInvest $575,123
3 Sun & Swell An online, plastic-free health food store Wefunder $553,312
4 Lora DiCarlo Empowering people to explore their sexuality with positivity and confidence Republic $543,346
5 bluShift Aerospace World's 1st Uber-like, Biofuel Powered, Dedicated Small Space Launch Service Wefunder $408,526
6 Whooshh Innovations Fish passage solutions StartEngine $381,117
7 GroGuru Strategic Irrigation Management for Commercial Farmers StartEngine $366,080
8 Sash Group Sash is more than a product. It's a lifestyle, a community, and the future of handbags. Wefunder $313,162
9 Cava Health The Smartest Toilet Seat Ever Created: Personal Hygiene Meets Health Monitoring Wefunder $311,953
10 Stonks Trading A user-owned Stonks Platform built by, with, and for the people Wefunder $303,084
11 GoSun Use More Sun StartEngine $278,555
12 Bloom Stack Replace multiple SaaS software with Bloomstack™ starting at $500/mo Wefunder $236,930
13 MOJO Licensing Official NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and PGA Tour branded backpacks and luggage Wefunder $236,415
14 Vin Social Virtual hospitality—helping companies increase revenue and grow relationships Wefunder $232,101
15 Driven Technologies Revolutionary drivetrain platform for bikes and e-bikes SeedInvest $203,075
16 Diamante Blockchain An ecosystem for payments and financing leveraging proprietary blockchain infrastructure Wefunder $184,320
17 Yoodlize Yoodlize is a peer-to-peer rental platform Wefunder $176,638
18 Blendid Automated robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh healthy smoothies made on-demand StartEngine $169,912
19 Atreyu Group Powering the future of trading by facilitating access to quant and algo trading for all Wefunder $154,560
20 Fort Defiance The beloved restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn, has a bright future as a grocery and general store Wefunder $147,583
21 Proof Bread Bakery MainVest $136,000
22 SAYA Life Solving water management issues for enterprise property owners Republic $129,181
23 Bluelight The financial data platform for high performing businesses Wefunder $122,637
24 No Limit Technology Holdings Invest in the future of online gaming TruCrowd $113,562
25 Streamport A highly scalable and disruptive all-in-one approach to the video streaming industry Wefunder $104,779
26 PopViewers The premium platform solving the problem of what to watch next Wefunder $104,662
27 Fund the First is a verified crowdfunding platform for our nation's heroes. Republic $103,780
28 Connect by Stars On Board Connect - onDemand Social Monetization with endless opportunities for earnings. Netcapital $101,008
29 LEVELS Network Social Network with a Payment Function StartEngine $95,907
30 Son of a Barista True Italian espresso in a pod StartEngine $95,641
31 Upright Instant oatmilk as nutritious as dairy—just add water! Republic $95,177
32 StadiumDrop A game changing in-seat delivery service that allows you to stay in the moment Wefunder $95,100
33 PaQuì Tequila The smoothest, most delicious tequila you'll ever taste. StartEngine $84,699
34 Igloo Mountain Lodge Sustainable lodging in the heart of the Washington Cascade mountains Wefunder $84,475
35 AlphaFlow Unlocking the world's opaque markets Republic $80,277
36 Elephant Craft Hard Seltzer Get trunk StartEngine $76,180
37 Flat Out of Heels The Solution to Stiletto Sore Feet StartEngine $72,407
38 LUPii Powering food with the #1 plant protein: the lupini bean Republic $65,900
39 Caribbean Water Technologies WATER FOR THE WORLD Wefunder $63,570
40 Pakt Exceptionally well-designed gear built for the modern traveler. Republic $60,916
41 S.I. Container Builds Turnkey and DIY Multipurpose Spaces StartEngine $60,167
42 QwikLeaf We did it! QwikLeaf Is Launching Fundanna $55,035
43 First Crop CBD health and wellness company that develops, manufactures, and sells its branded CBD-based products Microventures $54,350
44 King G Bar and Delicatessen MainVest $49,800
45 Lila Labs Your ultimate relationship app, powered by astrology Republic $46,793
46 Ayoba Premium Cuts of Tender, Grass Fed Beef. 'Meat' Biltong, by Ayoba Republic $45,825
47 Guardian Athletics Guardian Athletics’ KatoCollar provides better protection to the head and neck of athletes by slowing their movement after impact by up to 30% and allowing football players a lightweight, discreet design that doesn’t get in the way of a safer way to play football. Netcapital $43,320
48 Season Three Heritage footwear for a new generation Republic $37,620
49 Fuego Fino Woman-led, eco-friendly wine and spirits company Wefunder $36,025
50 Protxx Wearable device that improves the lives of those with complex neurological conditions Wefunder $35,800
51 eBumps eBumps allows the everyday driver to monetize their driving with no additional work needed and brings a new level of outdoor advertising to businesses and individuals. Netcapital $34,268
52 Worklete An AI-powered mobile platform keeping frontline workers safe and healthy. Republic $33,201
53 Hey Mama Wines You're Doing Great Mama! StartEngine $31,568
54 Arlene Making immersive technology accessible & results-driven Republic $28,300
55 4th Ave Market Largest Black Owned online hair & beauty retail platform for people of color Wefunder $25,250
56 Compass Recovery Substance Abuse Treatment MainVest $24,800
57 AndeanSun NOVELTY STORES SMBX $23,650
58 Noble Pies A family-owned, locally grown pie bakery & farm Honeycomb $20,400
59 Mama Gaia Your AI-Powered Smart Fridge StartEngine $20,354
60 Goodlander Cocktail Brewery A cocktail brewery Honeycomb $20,000
61 ReThink Ice Cream All-natural, “tummy friendly” dairy ice cream currently available in over 490 retailers including Whole Foods Microventures $17,063
62 Gordo’s Tacos & Tequila A gourmet taqueria Honeycomb $16,350
64 Wicked BOLD Vegan Foods Brand MainVest $15,100
65 Vault & Cellar New American Restaurant MainVest $14,500
66 The Rabbit Hole Unique destination for craft cocktails NextSeed $14,200
67 Empire State Greenhouses ESG has reinvented agriculture to feed a hungry planet and combat climate change Wefunder $12,515
68 Golfkicks Transform sneakers into golf shoes Republic $10,150
69 Supreme Foods Franchising EAT SUPREME TruCrowd $10,020
70 Better World Refill Shop Cleveland's First Bottle Refill Shop Honeycomb $9,500
71 Joolez Fine jewelry marketplace matching customers with ideal diamond engagement rings using AI Microventures $8,390
72 Oasis Grocery Direct Pop-up grocery Honeycomb $8,201
73 Cannabiscope A cannabis-focused SaaS platform to provide e-commerce solutions Microventures $7,700
74 WeHa Brewing & Roasting Company Brewery, Coffee Roasting, Cafe MainVest $7,600
75 The Pickleball Club Be a part of the future of Pickleball Republic $7,230
76 Correlate Health We Are Digital Health Netcapital $7,109
77 Kai’s Baking Studio SPECIALTY FOODS SMBX $7,070
78 Genesis Cafe Coffee Shop MainVest $6,900
79 Ethiopic Co Ethiopian cafe and restaurant MainVest $6,200
80 TOST Beverages Sparkling non-alcoholic beverages, perfect for every occasion Republic $4,350
81 Stone Groove Stillhouse Distillery MainVest $3,800
82 Jade & Jasper Hair Lounge Salon / Barbershop MainVest $2,900
83 The Dawg Haus Food Truck MainVest $2,600
84 Real Made Overnight Oats No morning prep! Organic, no sugar added, non-GMO and plant-based overnight oats Republic $2,600
85 Oak’d Handcrafted BBQ & Brewery BBQ restaurant & Brewery MainVest $2,100
86 Desert Cannalytix CBD-Hemp Testing Lab Fundanna $1,000
87 Back Porch Brewing Brewery MainVest $700
88 Cooked Goose Catering Food Catering Service Honeycomb $600
89 Batter on Deck Food MainVest $500
90 Bitty Golf Arts & Entertainment MainVest $400
91 Pet Wants Chardon FRESH Pet Food Honeycomb $300
92 High Water Music Shop Record Shop MainVest $0
93 Firehawk Brewpub Craft Brewery MainVest $0
94 Exit 6 Hemp/CBD company Fundanna $0
95 CTC Ventures Pain Relief Fundanna $0
96 Sterling Transportation Entertainment-related transportation company TruCrowd $0
97 Mesh Communities Create content. Build community. Get paid. Wefunder $0