Monthly New Deals May, 2020

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New Deals for May, 2020

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Rentberry Rent safely. The first global home rental platform with full automation! Wefunder $1,070,000
2 ALBI AI-Powered Meeting Assistant — Helping teams have productive meetings Wefunder $700,000
3 Vansanity Cloud Med Spas - Aesthetic practitioners rent medical workspace on demand Wefunder $361,480
4 YouSolar Power your life. Independently StartEngine $315,175
5 StartEngine Crowdfunding The Future of Investing Is Here TruCrowd $273,127
6 ALFADAN Re-defining the outboard engine StartEngine $171,032
7 AirSelfie The world's only pocket-sized, HD aerial camera Wefunder $152,249
8 IX Water Revolutionary Water Recycling Technology StartEngine $131,498
9 Alelo Artificial Intelligence Avatar-Based Training StartEngine $127,789
10 Kaffi Icelandic energy coffee Wefunder $126,900
11 Snowball Money A high-interest account for all your digital investment needs Republic $102,902
12 Great Scott Music Venue MainVest $98,200
13 AquiPor Technologies Revolutionizing Stormwater Systems StartEngine $91,453
14 Viroment Building agriculture facilities for the world's top protein suppliers Wefunder $71,050
15 Fluz App Earn Cashback Forever StartEngine $69,953
16 Amnion Life Innovative medical devices for preterm infants - Building an artificial womb Wefunder $69,417
17 Airgility Autonomous vehicles with endless possibilities StartEngine $48,217
18 HPEC Digital passports to professional freedom. For Physicians, By Physicians Fundopolis $46,333
19 Demand Derivatives A Revolutionary Futures Exchange and Clearing House — Trading the World's Major Assets in a Creative New Way. Netcapital $45,735
20 Deuce Drone Deuce Drone designs, builds, and operates drone delivery systems, enabling same-day delivery for retailers. Netcapital $44,040
21 Solectrac Climate-Smart Electric Tractors StartEngine $41,497
22 SnapStrat The value of strategic consulting sustainably delivered through software. SeedInvest $40,000
23 Fruit Street Health Fruit Street Health - Delivering High Quality Telemedicine Services StartEngine $39,598
24 Adventure 2 Learning Changing the face of education StartEngine $35,000
25 Fuego Fino Woman-led, eco-friendly wine and spirits company Wefunder $30,563
26 Carnot Compression Sustainable oil-free air compressors StartEngine $30,107
27 Ferretly AI-powered social media screening for smarter hiring SeedInvest $29,000
28 Parlay Cafe Coffee Shop Franchise with Members Only Co-Working Lounge (Social Distancing) Wefunder $27,102
29 Leavened Artisan bakery and cafe Honeycomb $26,251
30 Janover Ventures Leveraging tech & digital to build the future of commercial real estate finance Republic $25,534
31 Zephyr Aerospace A lie-flat airline seat for Economy Class travelers Republic $25,516
32 The Astrid Experience A Romantic Drama-Comedy Feature Film Set in the City of Angels Wefunder $23,600
33 Soulmate Brewing Company Veteran-owned craft brewery dedicated to serving the community Wefunder $23,247
34 PittMoss A revolutionary new growing media Republic $21,900
35 Insense Redesigning social ads with data-driven creativity Republic $21,774
36 Strong’s Cleaners 90 Year Strong, Black Owned Business Honeycomb $21,650
37 Solace Digital first, consumer-centric, modern funeral solution SeedInvest $18,000
38 StarkFresh 501(c)3 nonprofit Honeycomb $15,500
39 The Devil’s Circle A horror film based on an East Coast legend Wefunder $15,300
40 Quorum X Diagnostics Rapid at-home test for COVID antigen Test Wefunder $15,069
41 QuantmRE Get cash from home equity with no monthly payments, no interest, no added debt. Republic $14,750
42 Mary Celeste Whiskey and Wine Library Whisky Bar MainVest $13,600
43 Watch Party The Watch Party app makes it easy for friends to connect and share their passion for TV. Netcapital $11,156
44 Jar Goods Helping people realize the fullness of their lives through quick and easy foods Republic $10,709
45 Skidmark Garage Community access motorcycle garage Honeycomb $10,700
46 MinusG Gluten-free and allergy-friendly products Honeycomb $10,450
47 Flexable On-demand childcare to make Life + Work fit Republic $10,422
48 Animal Life Sciences Human health engineered for pets Republic $6,451
49 Twofold Smart furniture for scarce spaces SeedInvest $5,000
50 Mellow A sous-vide machine that will cook your meals without the need of you being there to cook it. SeedInvest $4,500
51 Backyard Soda Co. As natural as your backyard Republic $4,150
52 It’s By U Ending the cycle of flower waste through farm-direct floral subscriptions Republic $4,001
53 Sustainability CPE Adult Education Center MainVest $4,000
54 Kangaroo Smart home security for everyone Republic $3,675
55 FinTron Digital brokerage / banking provider Netcapital $3,461
56 Ghostface Brewing Brewery MainVest $2,900
57 Med-X Making a Difference, Naturally. TruCrowd $2,820
58 Naturel Juicing JUICE BAR MainVest $1,400
59 Comala Mexican Restaurant MainVest $1,300
60 CarStart "From Roadway to Driveway" Fundopolis $1,000
61 Daleview Biscuit and Beer Brewery/Cafe MainVest $200
62 Ancient Essentials Our hemp is 100% greenhouse grown! Fundopolis $200
63 Cheech & Chong Ready to Drink Chill Shot Chill & take a shot with The Iconic Duo, Cheech & Chong Fundopolis $0
64 At Your Home Veteran-owned essential business Netcapital $0
65 Champions of Diversity Virtual Career Fair Tech WunderFund $0
66 Sleep Better Foundation App where multi-lingual, virtual sleep coaches elevate user sleep quality Wefunder $0
67 Love Conquers All Unisex Salon Health & Beauty Service MainVest $0