Monthly New Deals June, 2020

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New Deals for June, 2020

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 GroGuru Strategic Irrigation Management for Commercial Farmers Wefunder $1,070,000
2 GROUNDFLOOR A wealthtech platform that lets everyone build wealth through real estate lending SeedInvest $844,432
3 Streamlytics The Future of Data StartEngine $745,601
4 Digifox An all-in-one finance app — better interest rates and lower fees Wefunder $342,228
5 Kingmakers Ops We buy, operate, and grow hvac and plumbing businesses Wefunder $291,906
6 Piestro Delivering artisanal pizzas in 3 minutes or less StartEngine $243,219
7 Flatiron- Miami Invest in Brickell Flatiron—one of the hottest new condo buildings in Miami. Republic $233,042
8 The social marketplace to discover and shop extraordinary lifestyle products Wefunder $217,892
9 Saucy Brew Works Building a brewery the Saucy Way StartEngine $210,325
10 44 East- Austin Invest in 44 East, one of Austin's most spectacular new residential condos. Republic $193,500
11 SapientX A.I. software that gives a voice and intelligence to products. Wefunder $185,777
12 goDeskless Cloud-based remote engagement platform for deskless field workers Microventures $164,663
13 Illume- Nashville Invest in a new Nashville luxury condo to be operated as a vacation rental Republic $151,516
14 Contiq AI-powered buyer intelligence platform, helping B2B sellers win deals faster SeedInvest $147,959
15 KinectAir The future of flying. The on-demand flight network. Wefunder $146,804
16 Cityzenith 3D Digital Twin Solutions for the Global Building Industry StartEngine $143,339
17 America's Small Business Payroll Service Wefunder $130,929
18 Yonder Global A rare opportunity at the intersection of travel, health and nature Wefunder $129,728
19 Dan Clark Audio Proprietary High-end Headphones StartEngine $115,892
20 Zeehaus We cut real-estate into bite-sized chunks everyone can afford StartEngine $113,398
21 Ghost Flower World's only activewear with the body's energy network woven in. Wefunder $106,826
22 CallingDr Connecting doctors with patients anytime, anywhere Republic $105,495
23 At Ease Rentals Addressing the pain points of 450,000 military and federal employees NextSeed $100,250
24 Como Audio Hellbent on building high-quality music systems on Main Street USA StartEngine $82,550
25 Stackhouse We make homeownership more affordable, and downtown living more accessible Wefunder $78,661
26 misterb&b Largest LGBTQ travel community in the world Wefunder $66,098
27 People First RH Creating safe, productive and inclusive work environments for all Republic $61,901
28 GetCharged Helping people move and cities thrive by empowering the micromobility movement StartEngine $57,979
29 TruckBux Full-stack online ordering platform for food truck owners and their customers SeedInvest $55,500
30 VasoGnosis AI-powered diagnostic and surgical planning software platform SeedInvest $54,127
31 West 32 Soju Savor the moment with West 32 Soju StartEngine $51,983
32 Valley Tavern Neighborhood bar in San Francisco Honeycomb $50,000
33 Nada Buy and sell your home online, pay nada Republic $49,734
34 Strengths AI-powered COACHING and SMARTAUDIO platforms StartEngine $48,284
35 ZenSpace On-Demand WorkSpace. Anytime. AnyPlace. StartEngine $47,651
36 Vestaboard Connect and inspire with Vestaboard StartEngine $43,068
37 Hundy P2P Microloans for America's New Middle Class StartEngine $42,814
38 Top Shelf Cookies Bakery MainVest $41,800
39 Premier Party Cruises Austin's best party boat & party barge rentals on beautiful Lake Travis NextSeed $41,300
40 GrapeStars The home of celebrity wine and spirits Republic $35,793
41 Swap Your Time Freelancing app to exchange services — Get and give help Wefunder $30,750
42 2XL Swagger Brands Aphrodisiac Spirits StartEngine $30,399
43 Innovative Eyewear Prescription Smartglasses with Voice-controlled Social Media App StartEngine $29,010
44 Snailz The beautifully simple way to book your next appointment Republic $28,326
45 Radix Motion Using immersive technology to let people connect in 3D even if they are apart Wefunder $27,836
46 Aera Luxury, vegan and 110% sustainable footwear Republic $27,746
47 Chareau "Our New Cocktail Secret Weapon" - Food & Wine Magazine StartEngine $26,885
48 Macro Snacks Balance is better StartEngine $25,838
49 Solstar Space Company Pioneering the technology to create a 'space wide web' Wefunder $24,710
50 Apotheka Making Electronic Medical Records More Secure Wefunder $23,852
51 3D Houdini The first freelance platform to serve the manufacturing industry Wefunder $22,117
52 Cartel Brewing & Blending Brewery MainVest $21,100
53 HelloWoofy Digital marketing platform driven by AI + data science (for SMBs) Republic $18,931
54 Coterie Party Elevated party supplies for every occasion, designed in house and delivered to your door SeedInvest $17,000
55 Savannah Sauce Company When life throws tomatoes at you; make salsa! Wefunder $15,714
56 TaskCause A new way for nonprofit organizations to reach and serve their communities. Wefunder $15,702
57 Jinglz Powerful technology for measuring audience engagement and emotion Netcapital $15,231
58 nedl Have your own live radio show — in seconds! Wefunder $15,100
59 Kiddie Kredit Mobile app teaching financial literacy to children Microventures $14,219
60 CodeCombat Learn to code by playing a game SeedInvest $13,090
61 Gesture Gifting reinvented Republic $12,202
62 Launch Producing live musical events — online and in real life Wefunder $11,500
63 Millennial Fertility Co. Accessible, low cost, more effective first step fertility treatment Netcapital $10,402
64 Steady Habit Brewing Company We're moving on up! So "hop in" and we can take this ride together! Wefunder $8,710
65 Peer Pantry A health & wellness alternative products and services brand Honeycomb $8,575
66 Valhalla Esports Lounge World's first fan-owned Esports Bar! Wefunder $6,750
67 Monetran Cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption Netcapital $6,125
68 Backers Get In The Game Netcapital $5,584
69 iGrow Systems Automated UltraSonic Fog Growing System for Home & Commercial Fundanna $5,420
70 Tapville Franchising A technology integrated taproom franchise StartEngine $4,710
71 Goodwood Brewing Co Touched by Wood. Brewed with Limestone Water. Fundopolis $2,600
72 The Rickhouse Hotel + Distillery Hotel MainVest $1,500
73 EVwinCO Ownership Reimagined (TM) Localstake $1,436
74 AllTheBelts Mobile apps for combat sports Netcapital $1,300
75 Contento New American Restaurant MainVest $1,200
76 Fire Dough Kitchen American Restaurant MainVest $1,100
77 Da LaPosta Pizzeria MainVest $1,000
78 Chaco Flaco Drinks A drink company Honeycomb $1,000
79 Acopia Harvest Produce Market MainVest $700
80 Serafini Pictures Content Productions MainVest $300
81 Financial Freedom Investments An investment company Honeycomb $250
82 La Tia Pepa New Spanish Restaurant MainVest $200
83 Ultimate Protector House Of Champions Martial Arts Academy Non-Profit MainVest $200
84 Sigma Auto Capital Sigma Auto Capital offers investment in car industry Buy The Block $200
85 Darbly Entertainment DARBLY Entertainment, Inc launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Highly Immersive Entertainment Venues Buy The Block $200
86 Fiesta Rentals Party Equipment Rental MainVest $100
87 Trident Shield A safety and security, training and consulting company Honeycomb $0
88 Connection Publishing A community magazine company Mr. Crowd $0
89 Lunchwale Lunchwale means ' The Lunch People' - The name says it all! Fundopolis $0
90 ChangeRoots The app to create a new class of political donors Wefunder $0