Monthly New Deals June, 2021

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New Deals for June, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Customer. io Automation platform that 2600+ businesses use to engage and retain customers Republic $3,362,682
2 Earnest Capital Investment Advisor + Mentor for Founders of Calm Companies Wefunder $1,416,557
3 InnaMed Using at-home blood testing technology to enable personalized medicine Wefunder $1,281,106
4 Arc Build amazing careers from anywhere. Remote career platform for developers Wefunder $1,236,715
5 Maybe Modern financial planning & wealth management Republic $739,716
6 Whipr Paddle, Ski, Row + StartEngine $710,358
7 Place Technology The finance platform for live collaborative forecasting and planning. Wefunder $494,476
8 Modal Living Modern, modular backyard homes and offices SeedInvest $463,935
9 Streamlytics The Future of Data StartEngine $316,797
10 Rollo Motion Smart delivery fleets for autonomous, remote, or human operation SeedInvest $268,359
11 Dims Contemporary furnishings from the world’s top emerging designers Republic $259,697
12 Republic Boot Custom bootmaker NextSeed $243,300
13 Saucy Brew Works Building a brewery the Saucy Way StartEngine $237,382
14 GreenLifeTech We're developing a fresh produce preservation system to extend shelf life by 5x Wefunder $222,850
15 Hana Makgeolli Artisanal Korean Rice Wines Made in Brooklyn Wefunder $222,379
16 Roboligent Next-Gen Intelligent Robots StartEngine $210,317
17 BeWell Digital BeWell helps India’s 80K+ hospitals comply with recent Insurance regulation Wefunder $209,498
18 Local Roots Kombucha A Brew for a Better Tomorrow StartEngine $200,566
19 Factmata Scalable AI to combat the spread of fake news online Wefunder $182,202
20 Squareat Revolutionary Foodtech Startup - Delicious, Innovative and Ready-to-Eat! Wefunder $145,300
21 Furry Fortune The Movie A story filled with action, comedy, and drama for the whole family Wefunder $141,350
22 Power Panel A hybrid solar thermal technology that is 4x as powerful as traditional options Wefunder $137,000
23 Colorado Sake Craft Sake Brewery StartEngine $133,319
24 Upstack The fast-growing global pool of highly qualified, vetted software developers Wefunder $132,468
25 Arrow AI by Custom Social Our mission is to make digital advertising work for everyone StartEngine $117,689
26 Durango Gold Hunting For The Next Big Gold & Silver Deposit In The Sierra Madre Equifund CFP $109,927
27 Idle Idle is a peer to peer smartphone app that enables users to rent and rent out Idle goods Wefunder $109,070
28 Espre Technologies NvisLink-Reimagined Wireless Security for the Age of Everything StartEngine $107,315
29 Autocase Economic analysis software for sustainable buildings and infrastructure SeedInvest $106,400
30 BusinessOnBot Automated sales and user acquisition on WhatsApp for businesses in India Wefunder $99,336
31 Lovebird Donuts Bakery MainVest $99,000
32 44 East Invest in a new Nashville luxury condo to be operated as a vacation rental Republic $98,325
33 Clew Clew recycles nearly all of your food waste, in under 2 hours, from your countertop Wefunder $97,800
34 Rayyan Systems An AI tool to extract knowledge from research to accelerate scientific discovery Wefunder $90,750
35 Brakes To Go Mobile on-demand brake service and repair StartEngine $88,605
36 Chow420 The go-to place for all CBD brands StartEngine $86,237
37 Skunk Brothers Spirits Get Skunk'd! StartEngine $82,579
38 Everybody Water mission-driven company impacting women & girls by supporting clean water StartEngine $82,491
39 Archneura Working to stop disposable buildings Wefunder $82,300
40 The Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery A Profitable and Growing Farm-to-Table Fast Casual Restaurant Seeking Investment to Expand Wefunder $77,475
41 Prep To Your Door Organic, plant-based, zero waste meal delivery Republic $76,151
42 Nwicode Nwicode a service for quickly creating mobile apps for IOS and Android #NoCode Wefunder $72,251
43 Golden Coast Mead Sunshine in a can StartEngine $66,849
44 Ponto Footwear The sustainable work-leisure brand Wefunder $65,500
45 Kickit A Soccer-Inspired Hybrid Sports Company Wefunder $63,416
46 Detonation Space Next Generation Engines StartEngine $63,111
47 American Provenance The natural grooming solution for the every-man Republic $60,010
48 Persistence Data Mining There's a Problem Beneath Our Feet: Soilytics is the Answer Wefunder $59,600
49 Zeus Electric Chassis One of the Fastest Growing EV Truck Platforms in the Class 3-8 Truck Market Silicon Prairie Online $56,500
50 Rangoon Burmese Restaurant MainVest $56,000
51 Ola Filter Ola Filter is ending water poverty with affordable filters in the developing world. Raise Green $50,200
52 Fanera First social network for football that unites fans. TikTok for football Wefunder $50,100
53 Live Music Tutor Changing the Way the World Learns Music StartEngine $47,491
54 mytaptrack Simplify behavior tracking Netcapital $46,808
55 Univoice 1st mobile app that teaches languages through music; no singing skills required! Wefunder $46,414
56 Iris See what your friends are investing in, right now Republic $45,027
57 Pickzen The no-code guided selling platform Republic $44,835
58 Covira Surgical Revolutionizing Surgical Infection Prevention StartEngine $42,158
59 Simply Tiny Development We develop sustainable Tiny Homes and CamperVans that lower the cost of ownership Wefunder $40,425
60 Pip & Lola’s Handmade soap company Honeycomb $35,150
61 Entelexo Creating a new class of drugs to address incurable autoimmune diseases Wefunder $34,650
62 Global Startup Ecosystem We are building the tech workforce of the future StartEngine $34,049
63 Fluo Labs Seize the Sneeze StartEngine $33,355
64 Brane Brane is an emerging FinTech company, using AI to predict the future Wefunder $32,925
65 Ichor Reducing Emissions & Increasing Fuel Economy StartEngine $32,315
66 Exo-Space Allowing secure access to space information 10x faster by processing data on orbit. Spaced Ventures $32,150
67 Tilton Brothers Brewing Brewery MainVest $31,300
68 FoodsPass Together, we are the future of food! Eat smarter. StartEngine $31,261
69 The Hydrogen Group A Social Impact Company Fundify $26,300
70 Verge Aero High performance drone shows StartEngine $23,113
71 AKA Spirits Gin and RTDs ReimaGINed StartEngine $21,476
72 Protein Quick Protein Quick provides up to 20 grams of protein in 2 ounces of liquid with zero fat, zero sugar, zero caffeine, and zero carbs. Ready to drink requiring no refrigeration or mixing - it's just the protein - and usable “Anywhere for Everyone”. Netcapital $21,050
73 Piecemeal Pies Bakery, Bar, Restaurant, Pie shop MainVest $19,000
74 Black Crab Fam Food Honeycomb $16,950
75 Sugarfina Candy made for grown-ups Republic $16,611
76 Natral Truly Natural Protein Powder StartEngine $16,560
77 Stanulis Films Multi-studio-backed production company with 10 successful films to date Wefunder $16,500
78 Video software in your browser that remotely manages, transcribes and searches Republic $15,750
79 Elemeno Health Empowering staff at the point of care: Improving safety, and fighting COVID StartEngine $14,967
80 Mama’s Best Bakery Bakery MainVest $14,400
81 Supercharge Lab Reimagining cognitive computing for the trillion dollar sales & marketing market Republic $13,250
82 Slate Click Casting made easy™ - Casting Calls and Crew Calls Software for Everywhere Republic $13,225
83 Glow Worm Play Cafe Play Cafe MainVest $12,100
84 J. Johnson & Company Democratizing food business incubation and growth. Localstake $11,500
85 Arterial Coffee Coffee Shop MainVest $10,500
86 CPRWrap Saving lives one wrap at a time. StartEngine $10,489
87 Dick & Jane’s Bar Cocktail Bar MainVest $10,100
88 Imee’s Kitchen Mediterranean Restaurant MainVest $10,000
89 Hinoya Curry SF Japanese Restaurant MainVest $9,400
90 Katch Let's Katch Your Audience Netcapital $9,258
91 Eureka Compass Vegan Food Vegan Food Silicon Prairie Online $9,000
92 Kizin Lakay Caribbean Restaurant MainVest $7,700
93 Ernest Supplies Omnichannel skincare brand redefining clean, sustainable, and inclusive products. SeedInvest $7,600
94 IPD Products Ionic Plague Destroyer air sterilizer designed to combat airborne pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 Microventures $7,000
95 Tasty Acres Microgreens Agriculture MainVest $6,700
96 Breezy Swimwear Swimwear StartEngine $6,065
97 Voghera Apericena Restaurant MainVest $5,300
98 Claro We're helping companies hire diverse talent and pay people fair wages. Republic $4,560
99 ACQ Bread Bakery MainVest $4,200
100 CTXMarket is e-commerce for Central Texas. TruCrowd $3,950
101 Toast! Supplements Dietary supplement brand that has sold over $100,000 of its unique gummy product lines Microventures $3,900
102 Laundry On Demand LAUNDRY SERVICES SMBX $3,150
103 Cluster Socializing Volunteerism Fundify $3,025
104 People-focused AI to reduce injuries in construction and industrial worksites Republic $2,450
105 The Good Kitchen Convenient meals. Keto, Gluten Free, Whole30 + TB12. Farm to Table in 4 minutes. Republic $2,200
106 Earth, Wind & Books Bookstore MainVest $1,400
107 Uncorked: Daiquiris & More Bar MainVest $1,300
108 The Conjure Collective Farm To Market Food Manufacturer MainVest $1,200
109 Wild Orchid Bakery Bakery MainVest $1,100
110 SoLa Therapy Treatment Of Chronic Pelvic Pain Fundme $1,000
111 Inoui Patented telecommunications technology Mr. Crowd $1,000
112 811 Crepes Creperie MainVest $900
113 Eyetamins Eyecare for the modern world Republic $900
114 EDSO The Peer-to-Peer Learning Solution Netcapital $550
115 Serene Drops Manufacturing MainVest $400
116 Armaga VR Virtual Reality MainVest $200
117 Clear Protocol Information Technology-AI powered tool Silicon Prairie Online $0
118 Shandoka Electric Motorcycles Striving to place electric motorcycles everywhere they are needed WunderFund $0
119 MOVO ON-DEMAND Mobile Banking with End-to-End CONTACTLESS Payments StartEngine $0
120 Hillhouse Coffee The Cold Roast Company- The Future Of Drive Thru Coffee TruCrowd $0