Monthly New Deals November, 2019

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New Deals for November, 2019

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 HYLETE, Inc. Fitness Lifestyle Brand Community Built, Backed, and Driven StartEngine $1,069,581
2 Ember Fund Invest like a cryptocurrency hedge fund with only $300 Republic $269,421
3 Ternio BlockCard The platform to move money instantly Republic $193,124
4 Sweetberry Superfood made with good vibes Republic $189,177
5 Sene Sene custom-makes clothing essentials to fit with technical materials. SeedInvest $167,951
6 Léon & George A new way to shop for plants Wefunder $121,813
7 Growing Talent Building the Chick-fil-A of cannabis; franchises in LA, SF, NYC, CHI, and more Republic $116,088
8 LPPFusion Cheap, safe, and clean energy generator: the power of the sun recreated on Earth Wefunder $107,875
9 AppApp Complimentary appetizers whenever you dine out Wefunder $74,148
10 Unomi Software platform for animators to automate speech integrations Microventures $68,586
11 Blue Top Brand creamy hot sauces NextSeed $62,524
12 K-9 Divine Reputable Dog Ranch that offers doggie daycare, boarding and training while you’re away! Wefunder $58,215
13 Smart Soda Drink Brilliant StartEngine $48,450
14 Skeptic Distillery Co. Award-Winning, Fresh, Smooth, Natural Spirits. Be Curious. Drink Skeptic. Wefunder $47,135
15 Texadelphia Memorial Expanding an updated concept for a popular restaurant franchise to Memorial in Houston, TX NextSeed $45,000
16 Texadelphia Katy Expanding an updated concept for a popular restaurant franchise to Katy, TX NextSeed $36,400
17 Clean Air Lawn Care Solar-powered mowing and organic lawn care Wefunder $32,160
18 Provenance Prepared meals to nourish mind & body Republic $29,500
19 Wandering Barman Handcrafted cocktails in a bottle, made in Brooklyn Republic $26,196
20 Pressure Games Award-Winning Toys that Combine Playground Games with Tech Wefunder $15,450
21 BackAlert Sensor Connected Therapeutic Workouts to Stop Slouching and Reduce Back Pain Wefunder $13,134
22 BitMovio next-generation gamified video entertainment platform NetCapital $12,979
23 Profit Property 946 MLK Become a real estate investor & own a piece of an apartment building in Indiana Republic $11,400
24 The Lieu Building better bathroom experiences for women in the workplace Republic $11,200
25 LYFETYMES Your All-In-One Party Planner- Your Celebration, Your Way Wefunder $10,100
26 ChoiceTrade Micro-Investing for Global Traders WunderFund $7,300
27 Stemsation Supporting stem cell physiology NetCapital $4,350
28 Medean Financial planning for the next generation SeedInvest $4,000
29 Peach Luxury, sustainable bath tissue sold on a subscription basis directly to consumers. SeedInvest $3,001
30 Mobile Cooks Building a passion economy for vegan chefs Republic $925
31 Attorney Et Al free continuing legal education to attorneys, free websites and email, and discussion boards where attorneys can post articles NetCapital $0