Monthly New Deals November, 2020

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New Deals for November, 2020

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Knightscope Fully Autonomous Security Robots StartEngine $1,576,490
2 MAGFAST MAGFAST is a revolutionary new family of wireless magnetic chargers that change charging for good. Netcapital $1,070,000
3 Fanbase Subscription Social Media StartEngine $1,049,044
4 Lost Spirits Distillery Meet the "Willy Wonka" of Booze. - Playboy Magazine. Wefunder $981,918
5 Monogram Orthopaedics Future of Joint Reconstruction StartEngine $867,982
6 Black Sands Entertainment The most popular independent black content developers in the nation! Wefunder $574,754
7 Digital Brands Group Revolutionizing the holding company model. Portfolio of high-growth 'digital first' apparel brands. Wefunder $566,641
8 Aptera Motors The world's first Never Charge solar vehicle! Wefunder $506,499
9 Move The First Community-Owned Digital Retailer Wefunder $402,620
10 Shark Wheel Shark Wheel reinvented the wheel. Literally. Scientifically proven advantages. Wefunder $402,043
11 Climate Action Now To help consumers take planet-saving climate action on their phones in seconds Wefunder $316,951
12 Manta Biofuel Reinventing crude oil, renewably this time Republic $307,375
13 CLICS Digital hair color mixing system — helping salons reduce cost and waste Wefunder $302,294
14 Firelight Camps Luxurious, Stylish, and Social Glamping Experiences! Wefunder $269,099
15 Waverly Labs Over-the-Ear Interpreter StartEngine $264,808
17 Common Bond Garden Oaks New drive-thru location NextSeed $225,000
18 Bee Mortgage App By Mortgage Pros for Generation Mobile | $3.4 Trillion Market Wefunder $204,777
19 Vital Card Future of Social Credit Cards StartEngine $191,515
20 Honeyfund Honeymoon contribution StartEngine $169,233
21 One Biosciences Developing the first of its kind Integrative Wellness Platform Wefunder $163,329
22 Ferndale Project Brewery MainVest $159,300
23 The Feel Good Lab The Feel Good Lab is giving the OTC pain relief category a much-needed makeover. 1 out of 3 U.S. adults suffers from chronic pain without any healthy options to treat it, until now. Netcapital $158,449
24 Akua Meat-alt company making plant-based foods from regenerative aquaculture Republic $156,864
25 KarbonPay Automating global payroll in the cloud Wefunder $155,908
26 Bolt Mobility Corporation Enabling Micromobility StartEngine $138,936
27 Nectar Tulum Luxury condo development that connects nature, vacation and art in Tulum, Mexico Republic $132,200
28 Doodeo The LinkedIn for entertainers Wefunder $127,221
29 American Dreamhouse- Boeing Ave Residential fix and flip project near LA's tech hub Republic $106,880
30 Immortal Studios Creating the next Marvel with a martial arts fantasy universe of comics and more Wefunder $103,900
31 Cadi Combining autonomous retail and ecommerce to revolutionize golf StartEngine $86,564
32 Blendid Automated robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh healthy smoothies made on-demand Microventures $68,745
33 hobbyDB Built and Owned by Collectors like you Wefunder $67,093
34 DRONEDEK Corporation The Safe, Secure, Smart Mailbox for the New Age of Delivery! Wefunder $60,610
35 Compostable LA Subscription-based food scraps pickup service Honeycomb $60,000
36 Swedesboro Brewing Company A taproom brewery Honeycomb $58,150
37 Care Angel On a Global Mission to Empower Millions of People to Take Better Care StartEngine $52,581
38 South Bend Brew Werks Brewery MainVest $50,600
39 Honeydrop From the Bee To The Bottle StartEngine $50,079
40 xCraft Enterprises American Drone Company StartEngine $48,429
41 Red Feather A new American wine bar and eatery Honeycomb $48,050
42 ShiftPosts Workforce management in real-time for healthcare industries SeedInvest $47,400
43 Up Sonder Connecting the world to drone services. StartEngine $44,006
44 VibeTech Enterprises Revolutionary therapeutic vibration technology to reduce falls in older adults Wefunder $34,673
45 Hotelier We founded HotelierCo to open hotel ownership to anyone in the crowd Wefunder $34,264
46 The OLLO Group High-performance sneakers StartEngine $33,581
47 SCRAP Film Join the new film from a female-led team, starring Anthony Rapp Wefunder $30,172
48 Bobacino Automated Boba Bar StartEngine $27,765
49 The eBay for digital goods - Buy and sell any digital product imaginable! Wefunder $26,632
50 Little Biscuit Brewery Craft Brewery Honeycomb $21,250
51 Follow Her: A Thriller Film Join Emmy award winning filmmakers for this new social media horror movie! Wefunder $21,000
52 Optelos A patented data management, visualization, and AI analytics SaaS solution for industrial asset inspection SeedInvest $18,900
53 Scoot! Cold Brew A cold brew coffee producer Honeycomb $18,750
54 TapRm A platform for everything beer Republic $18,575
55 2Sisters 2Sons Family-operated takeout restaurant Honeycomb $18,500
56 Mazarine Solar Powered, Custom Built Dock Boxes StartEngine $18,427
57 Dope Dog The new future of dog health Republic $18,400
58 Hempzene We market CBD directly to consumer via entertaining/informative long-form media Wefunder $16,609
59 Debellation Brewing Co. Brewery MainVest $16,600
60 Quesadilla Gorilla More than just a restaurant SMBX $16,230
61 Gorges Beer Brewery MainVest $16,100
62 FloraScentials Restoring the natural fragrance to non-fragrant cut flowers Wefunder $16,077
63 ModVans Multipurpose camping vehicles for family, work and play Wefunder $16,056
64 Booxby AI-powered marketing platform for content creators SeedInvest $14,000
65 Odyssey Science Beauty & Wellness Brand driven by innovation, caring for YOU and our PLANET Wefunder $13,550
66 Arc Footwear Building shoe brands for every niche StartEngine $13,501
67 eCarra Luxury Electric Car Rideshare— Plant a Tree with Every Ride Wefunder $13,051
68 Olly Awake We are on the forefront of inclusivity through Gender Equal Apparel. Wefunder $12,250
69 greenbox Robotics greenbox Robotics is a modern wellness educational point of sale. Netcapital $12,216
70 Sugarfina Candy made for grown-ups StartEngine $12,000
71 Perfitly AR/VR-AI apparel eCommerce SaaS solution reducing returns and increasing sales SeedInvest $12,000
72 The Co-Own Company We are changing the future of urban home ownership by developing net-zero co-owned housing in the US Wefunder $11,350
73 Laegacy AeonCharge is building a personalized electric vehicle charging platform by increasing charger accessibility and allowing users to design our network by request charging locations. Netcapital $10,450
74 GO Buddha Vegan, gluten free, and dairy free Honeycomb $9,350
75 Remedy Processors Cannabis and hemp company that has generated ~$303k in revenue through Oct., up 1,474% compared to 2019 Microventures $9,175
76 Brato Brewhouse and Kitchen Brewery MainVest $9,000
77 VerseBooks Everyone Has A Piece of A Song, We Connect Them Together! TruCrowd $7,000
78 Adara Thoroughbred Join the thrill of thoroughbred ownership with a promising 2 Year Old Wefunder $6,700
79 Camp Delaware Brewing Company A brewery in planning Honeycomb $6,650
80 Domaselo Bakery MainVest $6,450
81 Virtual World Computing Profit From Your Data Funders USA $6,100
82 My Green Network Shared kitchen spaces for developing, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis and CBD infused products Microventures $5,245
83 Vuba Vuba helps cities move and breathe more easily. Fast, safe and no CO2. $1.3 billion contract pending Wefunder $4,450
84 Bao Brewhouse Chinese restaurant Honeycomb $4,100
85 NA Brews Brewery MainVest $3,500
86 4URSPACE Collaboration & Marketplace App to organize tenant space build-outs and renovations SeedInvest $3,000
87 HighRes Labs The scientific "Pick and Shovel" cannabis investment Fundanna $2,700
88 Fresh Start Market Grocery Store MainVest $2,300
89 Bullfrog AI Holdings Using Powerful Artificial Intelligence To Increase The Likelihood Of Success In Drug Development Funders USA $1,925
90 Wow Wow Lemonade A lemonade stand Honeycomb $1,900
91 Little West 48 hour farm to bottle cold pressed juice Republic $1,500
92 Brubaker’s Cafe and Bakery Coffee Shop MainVest $1,300
93 Punky’s Brewing Brewery MainVest $1,100
94 Lochiel Brewing Brewery MainVest $1,000
95 Resolve Networks IRL (in real life) game platform where players do good deeds and raise money for charity Netcapital $699
96 Ranada’s Kitchen New American Restaurant MainVest $500
97 Charlie Foxtrot Brewing Brewery MainVest $500
98 Butter Roll Skate Shop Skate Shop MainVest $300
99 Amani Nicol Wellness Weight Loss Center MainVest $200
100 Hubsai Hubsai is the most secure, non-cloud home automation platform that makes smart home ownership simple, affordable and fun! Netcapital $120
101 Wackadoo Brewing Brewery MainVest $100
102 Hemp CR Wholesale Distributor of Hemp and Hemp processed CBD CrowdSource Funded $0
103 1933 Distillery Distillery and Tasting Bar MainVest $0
104 Island Scoops Ice Cream Shop MainVest $0
105 JK Williams Distilling Distillery MainVest $0
106 Stoneman Brewery Brewery MainVest $0
January: $24,130,215
December: $28,485,899
November: $21,198,076
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