Monthly New Deals December, 2019

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New Deals for December, 2019

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Atlis Motor Vehicles Electric without compromise StartEngine $728,993
2 World Tree Fast growing eco-timber that's reversing climate change Wefunder $395,125
3 Shark Wheel Shark Wheel reinvented the wheel. Literally. Scientifically proven advantages. Wefunder $274,088
4 Grady's Cold Brew New Orleans–Style Cold Brew StartEngine $188,646
5 Cloudastructure Facial Recognition, AI, Machine Learning for Cloud-based Video Surveillance Wefunder $151,922
6 Giant Leap Coffee Relocation and expansion of Houston-based “third-wave” coffee shop NextSeed $144,700
7 Hitch Robotics Autonomous farm robots for the cannabis industry SeedInvest $142,900
8 AmmoSquared We simplify ammunition ownership by making it DIGITAL Wefunder $127,717
9 Robovet Revolutionary new imaging and robotic technology for pets Wefunder $112,314
10 Wehrloom Honey & Meadery Honey Wine, Re-Discovered Wefunder $107,000
11 Commerce.AI Artificial intelligence to power next generation commerce StartEngine $107,000
12 Upshift Redefining car ownership for urban living Republic $102,706
13 Hive The global community for entrepreneurs Republic $97,997
14 another round A brand-new experiential mini-golf entertainment venue in Dallas, TX NextSeed $96,800
15 PhorMed Utilizing gene therapy to target cancer and mutated cells StartEngine $89,091
16 See You Then Film Join the new film by SXSW and LA Film Festival Award Winners Wefunder $87,585
17 VegasWinners Online Sports Data and Analysis Business StartEngine $76,841
18 Crafthouse Cocktails People deserve well balanced, all-natural cocktails anywhere and every time Wefunder $70,518
19 BioCurity Pharmaceuticals Because fighting cancer is hard enough! StartEngine $68,816
20 SkillSoniq Using AI to connect companies with skilled, local freelancers Wefunder $68,766
21 I am Like You Film A drama about the life and faith of a wolfdog in search of love and acceptance Wefunder $68,766
22 Prime Lightworks Renewable Electric Propulsion StartEngine $61,833
23 StartEngine Crowdfunding Tokenizing the World TruCrowd $61,387
24 Shanti Elixirs Jun is a non-alcoholic sparkling green tea made with raw honey. Wefunder $60,700
25 Back To Space Igniting Passion in STEM with Award-Winning Producers & a Living Legend team Wefunder $60,100
26 Thematic Music licensing platform for content creators and artists Microventures $59,503
27 Giving you control of your DNA Republic $56,950
28 Eight Bridges Brewing No Compromise – Just Really Good Beer StartEngine $56,539
29 XTI Aircraft The future is now. Lift Up. Jet Out. StartEngine $43,898
30 Delee Blood testing device for early diagnosis of cancer and treatment monitoring Republic $39,946
31 Skunk Brothers Spirits Get Skunk'd! StartEngine $39,098
32 Private Health Management Tech-enabled healthcare navigation service that improves healthcare quality and helps contain costs SeedInvest $38,399
33 Airemos Elevate your imagination StartEngine $37,773
34 Akibah Health The world's first OtterBox-enabled, smartphone case glucometer! StartEngine $36,981
35 Billion Vegans The World's Largest Online Marketplace for Vegan and Plant-Based Products Wefunder $36,278
36 Graff Golf The world's first smart golf ball and analytics platform Wefunder $31,236
37 What Are You Doing New Year's? Film A romantic comedy set at the same holiday house party over the course of 6 years Wefunder $29,445
38 OpenAVN Next-Gen realtime malware & threat mitigation using Blockchain Crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence SeedInvest $25,100
39 HARA Flow Awaken your potential StartEngine $18,954
41 Rumble Motors Zero Emission Electric Bikes—Who Said "Fun to Ride" Can't Be Eco-Friendly... StartEngine $13,110
42 Hoop Tea Take A Sip, Enjoy The Trip Wefunder $12,500
43 CompanionCBD Manufacturing CBD-based soft chews for the companion animal health market... StartEngine $11,523
44 Buff Bake Protein has never tasted so good Republic $9,987
45 Sunu Solution for the visually impaired Republic $7,900
46 Xcite Interactive In-stadium fan interaction apps for sports teams and sponsors Wefunder $7,238
47 Dented Brick Distillery Award winning Craft distilled spirits made with on-site Artesian well water Wefunder $7,100
48 True Foodies Culinary hub with video cooking lessons by Michelin starred chefs, recipes, perks and more for food and wine lovers. SeedInvest $7,000
49 RehabPath Find addiction and mental health treatment that is right for you Republic $6,661
50 Rocket Dollar Self-directed retirement accounts Republic $6,030
51 Linen App Earn yield on your cash Republic $5,592
52 SitTight Balanced Active Sitting® StartEngine $5,000
53 Kargoo Connecting shoppers with travelers to deliver products by renting the traveler’s unused luggage space. SeedInvest $3,000
54 Marketing driven by AI + Data Science Republic $2,946
55 Story2 Live your biggest, boldest life through the science of storytelling Republic $2,250
56 TACOTOPIA An Instagram Pop-Up Exhibit StartEngine $2,244
57 Alpha'a Crowdsourced purpose driven art Republic $1,970
58 Popover King Popover King is seeking investment to expand its offerings to become Boston’s first spirit-free and sober lounge; a music and game spot during afternoon and evening service, while continuing to be the premier provider in New England for modern & specialty popovers, other classic New England recipes, and high-quality Organic coffee & tea. MainVest $1,900
59 Stareable The platform enabling the future of TV Republic $1,045
60 Juna Redefining your mind, body and mood through the power of plants Republic $502
61 The Cocktail Parlor The Cocktail Parlor is seeking investment to open a Bakery Café & Bar. MainVest $500
62 True Wines True Wines is seeking investment to open the first organic & natural wine and specialty craft liquors boutique in Hamilton Heights, Harlem. MainVest $200
63 Hemp Real Estate Investment HREI - Hemp Real Estate Investments, Inc Fundanna $0
64 The Parm Shop The Parm Shop is seeking investment to expand our business into a brick and mortar location. MainVest $0
65 Girls Chronically Rock Girls Chronically Rock is seeking investment to develop my brand and create an adaptive clothing collection. MainVest $0