Monthly New Deals December, 2020

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New Deals for December, 2020

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Volcon Building the World’s FIRST All-Electric Outdoors-Vehicle Manufacturer Wefunder $1,070,000
2 Solar Roadways Future of Roads StartEngine $1,065,426
3 Cleveland Whiskey Bond Asset-Backed Promissory Note, High ROI, Whiskey Conversion Option at Maturity Wefunder $637,500
4 Envel Building the World’s Smartest Bank Account Wefunder $588,620
5 Wes and Gagan’s Startup Cohort-based courses for optimal learning Republic $400,579
6 Cortex AI-powered visual analytics that helps marketers make better creative choices Wefunder $384,072
7 PetroFunders The premier crowdfunding platform, creating access to commercial grade oil & gas investments. Netcapital $383,686
8 EnergyX EnergyX develops next generation battery technology and direct lithium extraction technology to help enable the global transition to renewable energy. We are Powering the Future of the energy storage market projected to reach $546 billion by 2035. Netcapital $350,884
9 WiGL Long Distance Wireless Power StartEngine $340,584
10 Viroment Equity Our high-tech facilities are changing the face of protein production! Wefunder $284,865
11 eZdia Content conversion platform which identifies, prioritizes, and optimizes eCommerce pages for sales Wefunder $263,548
12 Pit Liquor Natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant. Quench Your Stench. Liquid Courage. Wefunder $263,427
13 Mycocycle Converting Waste Streams into Value StartEngine $248,393
14 Asarasi The future of water, sourced from trees. Republic $216,255
15 Acre Mezcal Award-winning Artisanal Mezcal StartEngine $190,706
16 Driftwood Oven Mobile, wood-fired oven baking sourdough pizza and bread Honeycomb $150,000
17 Scooterson Intelligent scooters from the future Republic $148,500
18 BlueStar SeniorTech Aging at-home and telehealth solutions to keep seniors safe, healthy & connected Wefunder $147,550
19 OsNovum We improve skeletal health to extend lifespan and increase quality of life Wefunder $140,800
20 Kemper Snowboards Snowboards Since 1987 StartEngine $140,227
21 Allthenticate Use your smartphone to replace your passwords, keys, and cards, for everything Wefunder $139,863
22 Nickelytics Integrating the out-of-home + digital advertising experience Republic $132,070
23 Mealthy This product is a game changer! - Wefunder $131,538
24 AppleSeed Companies Private Equity for everyone. Join the “Digital Transition” revolution !! Wefunder $128,206
25 Kationx We heal the earth StartEngine $114,357
26 Streitwise 8-9% target dividends through a professionally-managed office building portfolio Republic $114,254
27 El Condor Coffee roaster and cafe + lifestyle brand Wefunder $109,100
28 UpChoose Reimagining consumption, starting at birth Republic $109,060
29 GeoToll Mobile Automatic Payment Solutions for Worldwide Tolling Wefunder $107,962
30 Relay Helping businesses grow with simple, one-tap communication software Republic $107,000
31 AquaVault Making Travel Safe StartEngine $101,471
32 WellWell Plant Based Functional Beverages Republic $99,941
33 Navisyo Dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travelers around the globe Wefunder $81,250
34 Perrone Robotics Kits for autonomous vehicles used in local transit of people and things. Wefunder $73,306
35 Deep End Fitness Underwater sport and fitness training, created by Ex-Special Operations Marines Wefunder $72,305
36 AgWiki Solving World Food Problems Socially. StartEngine $71,945
37 Compostable LA Subscription-based food scraps pickup service Honeycomb $60,000
38 PopCultivator Comics A fan-powered comic book studio led by a team of pros with over $150MM in sales Wefunder $59,490
39 MicroSalt Patented a food nanoparticle that delivers 50% less sodium with full sodium flavor. Microventures $56,620
40 PLLAY Labs Peer-to-Peer video game wagering platform leveraging AI with 31,300+ downloads since launch in June Microventures $56,110
41 Village Juice We exist to make healthy eating taste as amazing as it is for you! Republic $55,950
42 Calculated Movie A global, young adult motion picture franchise. Wefunder $52,161
43 Genius Juice 100% organic, plant-based & dairy-free whole coconut smoothies Republic $51,611
44 Vyrill Vyrill, a Google for web/social/mobile video, empowers video commerce for brands Wefunder $50,300
45 Leafwire An online platform for the cannabis and hemp business community to connect, share news, promote events, find jobs and network SeedInvest $48,000
46 Back Alley Brewing Co. Craft Brewery Honeycomb $46,600
47 Octane Coffee We're building the world's first Fully Automated Coffee Drive-Thru! Wefunder $46,080
48 goimagine The World's First Marketplace donating 100% Profits to Charity Wefunder $43,925
49 Me In 3 Video Profiles help you get to know your candidates before you see their resume Wefunder $43,814
50 Acai To-Go The better way to açaí Republic $40,700
51 GoMeat Services Meet the Meat At Your Doorsteps StartEngine $40,211
52 Terra Biotics Organic Plant Nutrients StartEngine $34,010
53 Rogue Space Systems Corporation A revolutionary satellite servicing company, which is drawing attention from both NASA and the U.S. Air Force TruCrowd $33,375
54 Canopy The next generation, reusable N95 - for the world’s well-being. Republic $31,915
55 Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle StartEngine $31,803
56 Psychics1on1 Digitizing the psychic industry StartEngine $30,739
57 Dare Social media app centered around dares anticipating the launch of a new version of its mobile app by year end Microventures $26,700
58 Eventcombo Next Generation of Event Technology StartEngine $26,030
59 Do Well Do Good Corp. A shared use kitchen and food hall with apprenticeship and entrepreneur programs Wefunder $25,721
60 BrainScanology An objective diagnosis & risk score for common brain diseases delivered in 24hr Wefunder $21,910
61 Oscilla Power Wave energy converter that has 16 granted patents and grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. Microventures $20,074
62 Magic Valley Brewing Brewery MainVest $19,300
63 Gaia Therapeat Healthy Organic Fast Food and Juice Bar, involved on Well Being and the Preservation of our Planet Wefunder $18,200
64 Carii Carii provides a unique and robust digital platform for organizations to engage and monetize their community and connect all stakeholders. Netcapital $17,775
65 HereYouGo Sharing economy for self-driving cars Wefunder $17,316
66 Smart Marketing for Underdogs (aka SMBs). Grew 21,900%, Rev $200,000+ ! Wefunder $16,801
67 WRAD One Developing an advanced gunshot detection system NextSeed $16,500
68 Hundy P2P Microloans for America's New Middle Class StartEngine $14,904
69 My Divorce Party- The Movie Comedy feature about lifelong female friends helping their BFF through divorce! Wefunder $14,650
70 Dashible Dashible connects and builds long-lasting relationships between consumers and local retailers through an integrated deals and loyalty platform. Netcapital $14,404
71 SnapDNA Solving the global food safety challenge. Republic $14,300
72 QURI Vodka Quinoa Peruvian Vodka, Explore Purity StartEngine $14,223
73 Big Bear Cafe Independent coffeehouse, bakery, and wood-oven kitchen SMBX $14,000
74 PADL Self-serve paddle sport rentals SeedInvest $13,000
75 Surya Spa A natural & luxury Ayurvedic skincare & wellness brand, expanding nationally. Republic $12,968
76 Black Cat Market Cat Cafe Honeycomb $11,600
77 LYC Products We connect people and companies to wellness activities, services and products. Wefunder $11,200
78 James Bay Distillers We distill and produce world class gold-medal award winning whiskies and gins Wefunder $10,775
79 Po Campo Bags as mobile as you Republic $10,687
80 Cannabox Redefining the online shopping experience for cannabis accessories Republic $9,834
81 Lil Bucks Mission-driven brand making functional food from the regenerative crop buckwheat. Republic $9,800
82 Our Life Foods Create a line of products that brings true Cajun flavor to homes across the country. SMBX $6,630
83 Quasi Rent Residential property development, investment and management company Mr. Crowd $5,300
84 Trusst The mental healthcare system is broken. Trusst is how we start fixing it. Republic $5,050
85 NuEyes Wearable Technology of the Future StartEngine $4,985
86 Monkey Wrench Brewing Company Production microbrewery Honeycomb $4,000
87 Techtracker Technology driven lead generation across 200+ million websites Republic $3,830
88 Jolie Rogers Food Service MainVest $3,600
89 Metropolitan Variety Store and Metropolitan Bar & Kitchen Variety Store and Bar & Kitchen Honeycomb $2,200
90 Gentile Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $2,100
91 Moxi on the Rocks Tasting Room/Meadery/Blending House MainVest $2,000
92 Old Humble Distilling Company Distillery MainVest $1,700
93 OmniValley OmniValley is an exclusive, online venture network showcasing and connecting startup ecosystems at the investor level. Netcapital $1,558
94 Apple Valley Farm We sell fresh produce to local consumers, both on-farm and by delivery service. MainVest $1,200
95 Old Majestic Brewing Co Brewery MainVest $1,100
96 Salone Monet Shoes that match the most important part of every outfit, the wearer. Republic $800
97 RealtyFeed A social network for real estate professionals Republic $750
98 Elevated Seltzer Brewery MainVest $700
99 Katie’s Kitchen Organic Restaurant MainVest $500
100 KhemoSafe Smart Technology TruCrowd $401
101 Stratta Kitchen Mediterranean Restaurant MainVest $400
102 222 Cold Brew Specialty Drinks Cereal shakes Honeycomb $400
103 Bonsai Village Creating affordable, attainable housing through Tiny Home Communities starting on Colorado's Front Range. Buy The Block $250
104 Klean Scissors The Deresinator, Break-through Technology To Assist In The Processing Of Cannabis. Fundanna $250
105 WhoaStir Coffee Food Truck MainVest $250
106 Pizza N Brew Restaurant and Bar MainVest $200
107 The Debauchery Modern European Restaurant MainVest $100
108 Consumer Cooperative Group A cooperative corporation CrowdSource Funded $0
109 Perlage Sparkling Wine Club Wine Club MainVest $0
110 Quincy Street Bistro American Restaurant MainVest $0
111 Tuck-N-Red’s Spirits & Wine Micro Distillery & Winery MainVest $0
112 WizHero AI Based Sports Coaching Platform TruCrowd $0
113 MyXR MyXR is building an ecosystem of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and gamification SaaS solutions . Netcapital $0
114 Phoenix PharmaLabs Addressing the opioid crisis by developing potent, safe, non-addictive painkillers. Netcapital $0
115 Kazoo The premier SOS app to live stream video, alert loved ones, connect with 911 and more – with one tap Wefunder $0
116 C-Reveal Therapeutics C-Reveal’s proprietary technology helps the body’s natural immune system to identify and kill cancer cells. Netcapital $0