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Austin “taproom” with smart tap technology and farm-to-market fare Invest

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Oz. Tap House is an Austin, Texas family friendly, casual dining establishment where customers can socialize while enjoying self-serve tap craft beer, wine, and cider by the ounce. Visitors to the taproom are provided with an RFID card to track purchases; payment is made at the end of the night upon exit. This technology offers businesses the ability to create customized self-service beer taps and food ordering stations—giving visitors an innovative self-serve experience. Plus, according to iPourIt, operators who deploy self-serve tap technology see an average increase of 39% in alcohol sales.ii The founders of Oz Tap House have already opened their first location in West Austin and deployed their self-serve technology, generating $595,086 in revenue since inception. Now the couple aims to open a second location in nearby Cedar Park, Texas. Read More