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Jump into the pages of your favorite books in VR with Peeka!

Raise to date: $27,343

Reporting Date: 03/29/2020

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Peeka VR, bringing picture books to life, is raising funds on Fundopolis. The company uses virtual reality to bring picture books to life for kids to be a part of their favorite books and stories. Peeka VR has built a virtual reality book library and platform to host its VR experiences and has already created three VR picture book experiences. Peeka VR was founded by Hunter Stutsman, Michael Wong, and Alex Comfortes in 2017 and raised $60,000 in its pre-seed round of funding. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding round, with a minimum goal of $50,000, will be used to integrate with strategic partners, complete new app features, grow content moat, onboard new enterprise partners, and acquire more downloads and users. Peeka VR has already launched its VR reading programs in the states of Idaho and South Carolina and plans to expand to Washington DC by the end of the year.