Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe on Buy The Block

Connecting Farmers to People & Reconnecting People To Real Food

Raise to date: $38,400

Reporting Date: 01/22/2020

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Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe, with an estimated company valuation of $215,000, is raising funds on Buy The Block. The company will function as a market or cafe, offering fresh produce and bulk dry goods to consumers. Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe aims to connect farmers to people and people to real food. The company is owned by Ena Jones, a caterer and seasoned entrepreneur. The current round of crowdfunding of Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe has a minimum target of $32,000 and a maximum target of $107,000, and the funds will be used to open a new cafe on Chicago’s South Side. Roots & Vine Produce and Cafe aims to serve high-quality produce to the community, and will also provide communal space to host workshops, classes, and food demos.