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Jun is a non-alcoholic sparkling green tea made with raw honey.

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Shanti Elixirs, the manufacturer of fermented drink Jun, is raising funds on WeFunder. Shanti Elixirs makes Jun, a non-alcoholic sparkling green tea, from raw honey out of her Blissful Bee Apiary. The drink is available in seven flavors and has a lot of lineage, flavor, and health benefits. Shanti Elixirs is owned by Shanti Volpe and Kalyan Volpe, who share the passion for Jun. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum target of $94,000 and a maximum target of $106,000, and the funds will be used towards creating the Mobile Jun Bar. The products of Shanti Elixirs are available at more than 120 locations, and the first Jun Bar is expected to open soon on the East Coast. Shanti Elixirs reported an average of $30,000 in revenues over the last three months and expects to generate $270,000 in revenues in 2019.