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Immersive global travel and exquisite experiences.

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Reporting Date: 04/05/2020

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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you an experienced or novice traveler who is looking for a travel company that truly cares about creating the type of experience you seek? Do you seek an impactful trip where you can truly be immersed in the peoples, cultures, and environments of your new location? If this sounds like you, then Trouvaille might be the investment you’ve been waiting for. They focus on creating those impactful experiences and providing persona, customized trip to make sure your journey is truly the one you were hoping it would be.

The Company:
Trouvaille is a small travel hosting company that wants to serve people who “live to travel”! Their trips are created, curated, and designed to fulfill the trule travel experience you are looking for. They focus on creating a sense of community and genuine engagement, and they do this by offering travel-themed memberships and rewards programs, online travel forums and podcasts, and participation-based incentives. So far, Trouvaille has focused on building location bases, both in the US and abroad, and creating trip experiences. Currently they have developed experiences in South Florida, the Big Island of Hawaii, Napa Valley, the Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland, Isle of Man, France, Portugal, Italy, and Vietnam, with trips to Cuba, more Caribbean islands, and England are in development. They’ve partnered with businesses such as A Toast to Travel, St. Lucia A1 Tours & Taxi, and the Little Wine Bus, and they have a Meetup group of more than 245 members in Tucson.

The Bottom Line:
Trouvaille knows that once your bitten by the travel bug, you’re a traveler for life, and they want to be the ones to keep offering you impactful, immersive experience. They’re helping people live a better life…one new trip and journey at at time.