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Offset your carbon footprint, for free, when you shop

Raise to date: $14,500

Reporting Date: 03/29/2020

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UCapture, with a valuation cap of $4.75 million, is raising funds on SeedInvest. The platform allows consumers to offset their carbon footprint when they shop online. It creates a win-win situation for consumers, companies, and the planet as most of the commission earned by UCapture through partner websites is used to fund carbon offset projects like deforestation. UCapture was founded by Avery Michaelson and Mark Siadat in 2015 and has raised over $700,000 in its pre-seed rounds of funding. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum goal of $200,000 and a maximum goal of $750,000, and the proceeds will be used towards the development of mobile browser, extension and website, card-linked service, grass-roots marketing, online marketing, and operational expenses. UCapture has reported over 150% year-over-year growth in revenues by increasing affiliate marketing partners and users.